Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Not My Favorite Stuff, But It Is Beautiful!

December 21, 2009

Thank goodness Santa has a sleigh and flying reindeer. He will need them with all this snow everywhere. Last night, the roads were not so hot. Not too bad, but not so great either. The main roads were bare, but wet and starting to freeze. The side roads and back roads were still covered with hard packed snow.

I really did try to get a couple of pictures of the lights, but it was not meant to be. One night soon, I will try to get out and take some photos. Meanwhile, you will have to settle for some daytime snow pictures.

I don't know about everywhere else, but here and at work, we had at least 18 inches of snow. Yesterday morning, I stepped outside my door to take some snow photos, and forgot that it was not shoveled yet. I stepped out into snow up to my knees. And it still snowed for five more hours!

Moo and most of the dwarfs were outside shoveling for hours. All the cars had to be cleaned off, moved and the snow around them cleared. A lot of the snow was put into the middle of the yard so that the plow (if he ever shows up) can move it all away off to the side yard. Here are some of those snow photos.

Where do we put the rest???????

Even Miss Tootsie was out for a few minutes. I'm not sure what she could see, but it sure perked her interest!

This last photo is little tiny bird tracks that were on the trash can lid this morning. This can is on the porch, and had already been cleaned off, but then we got a bit more snow. Moo was all excited when he found these tracks this morning. Let's face it, they are rather cute!

Thank goodness when I got home this morning, the plow guy had come during the night, so everyone was able to get out to go to work, and I was able to get back in. He was probably so exhausted from all his plowing, that he probably doesn't want to see anymore snow for at least a little while. Unfortunately, we do have more coming this week.
I know I was going to show pictures of my cards today, but I will save them for tomorrow. Later today, I will see about getting a freebie ready for tomorrow. Well, I'm off now to get a few things done around here. Y'all have a fantabulous day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

I had to giggle at Tootsie’s sweater a little because it’s a perfect match for the socks I‘m wearing! One of my favorite pairs, I’ll add, she has great taste in warm wearables!

I know David was saying , and I heard it repeated on the weather channel, that the weekend was the best timing for snow storm in the east because you all could get dug out in time for the Monday commute, but more in the forecast doesn’t really help now, does it??.

We’re keeping an eye on the Christmas Eve forecast in the Motherland. Michigan was scheduled to get icy stuff on Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. That would keep us off the roads and away from my family’s gathering Christmas Eve! The most recent forecast is saying clouds on Christmas Eve, but no ice until, Christmas Day. I hope it’s a little later than midnight, but better to have it change all together. My brother and his family will be travelling back to Indianapolis Christmas morning to be at family dinner in the afternoon with my Sis-in-law’s family!

You, Tootsie, Moo and the Dwarves keep warm and safe!