Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is It Me? Does 30 Inches Equal Four Feet?

December 8, 2009

Well! Would you believe it? A day off, and Tootsie and I were up at 4 a.m! This old age thingy is messing up my sleep habits. Unless I'm propped up with some popsicle sticks, I seem to fall asleep at the darndest times.
At least I'm trying to make good use of this bit of "early" time. So far, I have tried twice to copy a disc, each time a complete flop. So much for that burst of energy! I tried to use a new external CD/DVD drive that was a gift, but so far have not managed to figure out how to use it. On to the next project - I'll just copy the disc the old fashioned way - one drive at a time. Oops! Now the PC tells me that I can't copy this particular disc! So that's two projects down the drain and it is now 4:56 a.m.

Yesterday, Moo went shopping and bought me a four foot fiber optic Christmas tree. It's the cutest little thing - "little" being the magic word. I haven't found all four feet of it yet. In reality, it is about 25 inches tall, and sits on a 5" base, making it about 30 inches tall in total. That leaves about 18 inches missing here.

Before opening the box, Moo handed me a large container of all sorts of beautiful ornaments to put on my tree. Well, to make long story short, approximately 4 or 5 balls should totally conceal the whole tree! I did mention that the tree was a bit teeny? So either today or tomorrow, I shall go shopping and try to find midget ornaments and garland. Then I shall see about taking some pictures to share.

I did get a few more photos yesterday of some of the snow melting. Don't get me wrong, we are not experiencing a heat wave here, but the sun had been shining a good part of the day causing a lot of the snow to melt. All three of these photos are taken of the same rose bush, the one that hangs over my newspaper tube. I just thought that it looked so interesting. This first one shows the snow starting to melt, uncovering tiny red treasures hidden inside the clump of snow.

This next photo shows the snow being mostly transformed into little chunks of crystal. When the light shines on these crystal chunks, they glisten oh so brightly!

And here is the whole branch. I'm not really nuts for ice and snow, but you have to admit, there is so much beauty that comes with it. Do you not agree with me?

Today, I have another holiday freebie for you. This one is "Nut Cracker QP - 02". Yesterday morning on my way home from work, I stopped at a store to pick a couple of things. The first thing that caught my eye when I went down the "Christmas" aisle was the nutcrackers on display. They made me think of my QP's. Maybe I shall see about making some more. Hmmmmm!
Well now I think I will do a bit more wrapping. A couple more packages came in the mail yesterday, so I can finish up a couple more gifts. Yes, sirree! I just might get it all done on time. Y'all have a terrific day now.
Hugs, Edna B.
"Nut Cracker QP - 02"

And here is your download link for "Nut Cracker QP - 02"


Snowy said...

Lol- good luck finding the midget ornaments for you tree. Hey what do you expect? You have house full of dwarfs , so of cause you have a "dwarf tree"! Oh dear more problems for you with backing up ,lol- it never ends, hey? Pics beautiful as always , you have an eye for catching these nice pictures.Hugs Snowy

Nani said...

Wonderful pics! You know agree that the snow is beautiful, ice too when it coats the tree branches after an ice storm, but I just would rather look at it from inside and go back out when it all melts away! But I really appreciate the braves souls who spend any more time than they have to in it to photograph it so us wimps can look! ;)

The QP is darling! I was a child ballerina, so nutcrackers have a very special place the my heart's memory!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Dec. 08, 2009. Thanks again.