Monday, December 14, 2009

More Birdie Pics For You

December 14, 2009

Miss Tootsie and I just got back from her doctor appointment. Thank goodness, she doesn't have to go back for two weeks! Today is looking quite nice, weatherwise. Yesterday morning was bright and sunny. Then in the afternoon while I was napping, the rains did cometh!! Oh boy, did they ever!! And it rained all night too. Early this morning, the roads were quite icy. Even my car was covered in a layer of ice. Yup yup, the joys of Winter!

Back on a lighter note, I think today I will share some more of my blue jay photos. I just love the coloring in these birds. When the master painter designed Mother Nature's creatures, He did a marvelous job. This first photo isn't really the greatest photo, but I like it because it shows the patterns on the wing spread. The blue jay in the photo was trying to grab hold on the bird feeder.

That's it for the bird photos for a while. I'll have to find something else to photograph now. Tomorrow, I will have a new kit for you. It's the Hanukkah kit that I made for the color challenge at Magickal Scraps. I just have to zip it up and make some links. If you want a free Hanukkah kit today, then visit Kyra's blog at She has a lovely kit posted today.
Last night I was not able to finish addressing the rest of my cards, so I'll have to do that today. I spent a good part of the evening downloading from Al's site at AFX. (see his link above my Comment Box on the right side of this page.) That man need's to take a long coffee break!! I'll be unzipping for a month now!! Maybe not, Snowy sent me a link for a batch unzip program. Hopefully it will work for me and I can unzip everything in just a short amount of time. Gosh, that would be wonderful!
I'm off now to create a bit of mischief and fun for today. (That's usually pretty easy to do in a house filled with dwarfs!) Y'all have a fantastic day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Unknown said...

Love your bird photos! Glad you included the first as it's my favorite, I love the spread of the wings.