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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Things Can Be So Exciting!

August 03, 2010
Good morning everybody. It's a little after 8 am, and it's looking quite comfortable outside at the moment. Boy! Did I ever have a good night's sleep! Miss Tootsie and I went to bed a little before 10 last night, and were both in dreamland before 11 pm. We got up once during the night so Tootsie could go potty and then back to sleep till 7:30 this morning. I need to do that more often.

What a day I had yesterday at work. First, the Mrs. would not let me put the AC on, so that meant that the air's breathing quality was not very good. Had it got much worse, I would have just called her family and gone home. The first good part came when Moo dropped Tootsie off with me so he could go to his doctor appointment. The second good part needs it's own paragraph.

Usually I don't get many opportunities to see (let alone to photograph) a hummingbird. But yesterday I was so excited. This one tiny hummingbird kept coming back periodically to the same plant in the backyard. Of course I grabbed my camera and tried my darndest to get photos without scaring it away.

Well, I must say that when I looked at my photos, I was so excited!! My photos were so much better than the ones I got the other day. There were so many good ones that I'm having a problem trying to decide which ones to post here. Hmmmmm. Such a problem!!!!! I guess I will narrow it down to just five photos.

After that, I will definitely try to take some different photos to share here. I realize not everyone gets all excited about the same things that I do. But it is fun, isn't it? Okay, here are some of my best Hummingbird photos to date. Enjoy.

I really love my camera. You can't tell, huh? And I absolutely lo-o-o-ove that continuous shooting that it has!!! Without it, I wouldn't be able to get most of these photos. One of these days, I'm going to have to take some photography classes. Imagine what I could do if I knew what I was doing? It boggles my mind!
Another thing that I enjoy is the challenges we have on the forum. One in particular is the one that Miss Kyra hosts. It's where we get to design a book cover using a specific type of story theme. Usually we do the back cover too, outlining a bit of the story there. This month's book cover will be for stories about Native Americans. We make up the story, then create the covers.
Kyra's cover story is so exciting. Once you read the back cover, you want to open the book and get into the story for real. You really should have a look. Kyra has it posted on her blog. Have fun!
I think it's time now for me to get dressed and start my day here. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

Oh Edna! I love your camera too! :)

David has been thinking about getting a set of his and hers cameras for us - He's diving into the world of digital and I'll be with my first SLR! We can help each other get used to the new toys. I kinda can't wait! Then maybe I'll have butterfly shots as nice as your hummingbirds! :)

Have a great day!!