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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Four Days Of Rain

August 25, 2010
Tis a soggy gray morning again here in beautiful New England. Four days of rain, and we are all starting to feel a bit water-logged. My little birds haven't had a chance to dry off even. At the moment, there is a flock of them keeping dry under my car, and some of them are perched under the awning over my living room window.

Yesterday, their feeder was empty so I filled it. But with all the rain, it was busy all day, and by late afternoon, it was empty again. I feel so bad for the birds. It can't be very easy for them to find food in weather like this. I will go out in a bit and fill the feeder up again.

Today, I have photos taken yesterday of one of the Blue Jays that came by for lunch. Wet or dry, they are really beautiful birds.

Today, I have to get in touch with Howie's social worker to see if we can get his medical insurance paperwork started. The nursing facility is eager to get him moved and settled soon. Actually, we will be happy to see him settled too. The new place looks quite nice, and it is close by.
Well, I have finished my coffee, so it is time for me to get dressed and get started on this wet new day. Till tomorrow, stay dry, and Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

Seems you are having the same wet weather as we have here. Hope you can get everything settled with Howie , so you can relax a bit more as well. Hugs Snowy