Friday, September 3, 2021

A Prelude To Autumn

September 3, 2021

Good morning.  The sun is shining and today's temps will be in the upper sixties, maybe even seventy degrees.  It feels good but I had to shut off my fan because it was making me feel cold.  I guess Autumn is coming.

Yesterday was a nice quiet day.  I caught up on some napping, and worked on the yellow pocket wrap for a while.  Last night I started watching re-runs of "Making The Cut" because the new season will be starting next month.  I made it almost all the way through the first season, so I'll finish watching that today.

This morning I have to finish packaging the baby blanket that I'm sending to my son in Florida.  I have another package ready for mailing too.  I'm sending some music on a thumb drive to my cousin.  Deanne will be stopping by after work to pick up my packages and take them to the Post Office.  Thank you Dee Dee.

I found this beautiful image on the web and borrowed it to share.  I know I'm always mentioning how quickly time passes us by, and it's true. This image is a reminder for us to enjoy each day while we can.

Some of us are very lucky and not only get to see our children grow up to be parents, but we get to see them as grandparents too.  How awesome is this?  When we were very young ourselves, did we ever think that this day would be coming?  We may even get to see our children as great grandparents.  How blessed we are!

I have some catching up to do on my blog reading, so I'm going to be doing that shortly.  Before I go, let me share another beautiful image that I borrowed from the web.

 So,  till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

I love watching Making the Cut also. Such a good program. Yes, time passes so quickly and before we know it we're 60 and not 20 anymore. We just must make the most of every moment given to us. Have a good weekend and see you soon.

smiekeltje said...

We should try to make the most of every day, which isn;t always easy. But time goes fast, and it slips through your fingers as sand sometimes.
Good you could have a good nap to reload a bit of enerudy for the crocheting. Deanne is so sweeet to do the posting of the packages and the receivers will be happy with the content.
We had a sunny day here, tomorrow will be even better and a bit warmer.
What is that tv program about? I don;t know it.
Have a wonderful day. stay safe.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Time does just fly by...whether you're having fun or not! lol So making the most of each day is important. I like to be thankful for my blessings each day too...just like you!

Rita said...

Such a lovely image!
I became a grandma so late that I am really not sure I'd live long enough to see grandchildren become parents--LOL! But I don't mind because I never thought I'd be a grandma in the first place. :)

Steve Reed said...

We put away our fan for the season. I'm sure we won't be using it anymore!

I love how positive you are in all your posts, Edna.