Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Farewell To July

July 31, 2019

Good morning.  Tis three o'clock in the morning and I'm wide awake.  Earlier in the evening, I had been doing a word find puzzle and I got really tired and fell asleep early.  Today is going to be another hot day with temps in the nineties, but right now temps are at 73F degrees. 

According to the weather app on my phone, it will be raining here soon.  I just looked and the rain hasn't started yet, but the humidity is at 94% so it just might start soon.  That would be nice for the plants and the grass. 

Yesterday morning, Deanne got here just as I was finishing my blog post to take me to the car dealer so that I could get a new safety sticker on my car.  The only thing my car needed was new windshield wipers, so that was good. 

When we got back I noticed a new little white rose in the garden near the shed.  I brought out my camera to capture a few blossoms.  The Rose Of Sharon bush also had a few new blooms.  So here's a few shots from around the shed.

This is all part of the view I have from my porch.  With this heat so wicked, I'm really missing sitting out there and enjoying all of this.  But of course, that's the beauty of photos.  I can still enjoy looking at these beautiful blossoms. 

I'm anxious for my two new books to arrive today so that I can figure out some meals.  I have a lot of questions when I see my heart doctor next visit.  I need to know exactly what type of diet I'm supposed to be on.  Right now, everything I enjoy is on the no no list and everything that I don't like is on the good list.  This makes for  really blah meals.

In the hospital, I got decent meals without any restrictions other than salt.  Hopefully, I can add more tasty things to my meals other than just garden salads.  I have to weigh myself every day to keep an eye on water retention.  I gained three pounds the day I left the hospital without eating any extra foods.  This could be the difference between my scale and how they weighed me in the hospital.  (in the bed)

Since I've been home, my weight is up or down only by a few ounces each day.  The total is down by almost one pound.  I guess that means there is still water retention so my meds will have to be adjusted.  I guess there is a bright side here.  If I can continue to lose an ounce or two each day, it should only take a few years to drop down another size or two.  hahahahaha.

In all fairness, it's not really as bad as I like to paint it.  I'm not really much of a cook any more, so I'll just have to get back into cooking more.  Today though, I think I'm going to make a bowl of Jello.  I can have this with Cool Whip for dessert.  Or maybe I'll make a Jello/Cool Whip pie.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions!

Now I'm off to make a cup of coffee and maybe crochet for a while.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Your shed is still looking white and pretty after Bobby power washed it and your plants are gorgeous. You have the cutest yard art.

By the way, don't stress yourself too much with this diet stuff. My kidney doctor gave me an entire book of what not to eat and a very small list of ten food items to eat. I put that list in the trash and will keep eating and watching my salt intake. I am Cajun so I eat a lot of pepper and it substitute for the salt intake and keep my food tasting worth eating. Just start watching your portions but stop stressing. Those same doctors are probably sitting in fast food places eating lunch and enjoying life. (laughing hard) If possible, start cooking your own food. I cook daily and sometimes enough left overs for 2 days. You get your healthy food by preparing your own meals. It's no telling what these people are not putting in their food from these restaurants, etc. I told my sister yesterday that I will do my garden because after seeing these people pissing on food in Walmart, licking out of ice cream, I said it's no telling what they are doing with the leafy veggies. I love those, so I will keep raising my own. (lol) I am thinking back when I grew up on a farm. We weren't sick like we are today. I know we took our vaccines but still had some of the childhood illness but not sick enough to die from them. We had home remedies and our forefathers had a long life. I hope they showed you all the food delivery people eating and drinking out of the food they were delivering to the customers. They are saying, don't wash chicken before you cook it. They must be crazy. I wash everything that's washable. I make sure my ground beef is cooked thoroughly. Just relax and live your life because you know your body better than anyone. You all have been together for a long time. That is what I tell them. (lol) Just take care of yourself and you and Pogo have a great day.

smiekeltje said...

Hi Edna!
You sound quite happy, despite of the restrictions foody-wise.
think that first of all is salt restriction, that would be doing a lot of good, so try that as first. And then yeah, best to have kind of healthy food for you at the moment is fresh made meals. As I said before ready made ones are really practical and easy, but most of the time no good if you have to follow some diet(or even without it isn;t too good for health).
So try to make some easy, but still tasty meals yourself, I know, it isn;t always fantastic to have to cook just for yourself, but it would help. Perhaps you can make a meal for two days, so next day you only have to warm it up, or add just a little thing to it.
Hopefully you will have somme rain, that will cool everything off a bit. We had today on and off showers, so no weather at all to go out.
At the moment sun is shining again, perhaps there will be a bit more rain tomorrow, but not as much as today. So all greenery is happy dancing at the moment(it needed some water, believe me).
If you will have some rain, it will be better also for you to sit at the porch, have some fresh air and enjoy the look at the blossoms around you.
Have a lovely day, take it easy and take the naps when you feel for it.

Kathy said...

I am with the others above. Don't stress about your diet. It is still possible to eat the foods you like just with a few changes. First, cut back on your salt. I found that so hard to do in the beginning, but now things that I liked taste too salty. Make a casserole and save it for a couple more meals. Make a meat loaf and slice it in thirds. This really helps with making the food budget stretch and you get a few days when you don't actually have to cook.

Theresa said...

Your blooms are SO pretty! Diets aren't much fun but if you are creative can be ok... like the jello pie, that sounds yummy. I cut salt out of my diet a couple years ago, that is added salt. We get lots of salt in the packaged foods. Anyway, enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!