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Friday, August 2, 2019

Hello August

August 2, 2019

Good morning.  It's a little after four a.m. and I've been up a while playing on my laptop.  I've been cropping and re-sizing photos and pictures for posting here.  Wow, it's already August.  Only 145 days till Christmas!  Here's the August page from my calendar.

Sorry I did not get to post yesterday, but I had a morning appointment with my primary care doctor.  Deanne went with me, and it turned out to be a productive appointment.  I finally got copies of the notes from all my visits with this doctor.  'Bout time!  I had a list of questions to ask and got some answers.  There was only one question that I forgot to ask about, so I'll save that one for my next appointment.

On the way home, we stopped by WalMart to pick up a few groceries.  This took us quite a while because we had to stop and read all the Nutrition labels on all sorts of bottles, jars, cans, boxes, etc.  Eventually, we filled the basket with more than just a "few" groceries, and headed back here.  By the time I put away just the cold items, it was already three o'clock, a bit too late to post.  I needed to just rest a bit.

Later, I put away the rest of the groceries and then went online to order a couple new recipe books.  I'm really trying to behave and stick to more healthy meals.  One of these new recipe books should arrive this weekend.  I just found two more recipe books, both will be arriving this weekend.  These recipes cover cooking with the Air Fryer, the Slow Cooker and on the stove top.

I want to thank everyone for all the great meal ideas.  Every little bit helps!  It's difficult to cook for just one, so I'll be cooking for more, then portioning the meals and freezing them.  Well, at least I'll give it a try.  Some things just don't freeze well. 

I found a couple cute images on the web to share here.  It's always good to start the day off with a chuckle and a smile.

Today I really must wash some towels.  Plus, Pogo needs a soothing bath.  If I accomplish anything else, it will be a plus.  Also, it's not going to be so wicked hot today, so maybe we'll even get to sit out on the porch for a bit.  That would be super nice.

Now I think I'll get an early start on that towel laundry.  Before I go, here's another image that I borrowed from the web.  It says it all!

So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Kyra said...

So happy to see your post. I was a little bit worried when I didn;t see one yesterday. But also figured out that perhaps you were late, or just somewhat too tired.
Lovely that you have a bunch of groceries for the moment.
Now to try to make some meals, pffffff. It isn;t easy but you will find some lovely things and easy as well in the recipees I am sure. If you need help, ask and I will go searching for you too!
Have a lovely day.

Theresa said...

The truck and the bridge is funny:) We have a couple of bridges here that trucks get stuck in ALL THE TIME! Anyway, I am happy that you got to go to the doctor and get some answers to your questions. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Angelicastar said...

It is hard to cook for one person. I try to cook enough when my son is home to have some left overs when he's not here. Pasta is a dish that you wouldn't want to eat after freezing it. I've tried that and it didn't work out. (lol) Veggies and meats are okay from the freezer after cooking it. Thanks for the laugh about the truck and the bridge. I've seen that happen so much here, it's not funny anymore because it cause a traffic jam nightmare.(laughing) The little kitty in box with mommy is cute.

I love Coca-Cola but I had to stop drinking it because it made my phosphorus extremely high. I drink ice tea and my morning cup of coffee. I leave the salt alone. Not all the way but just a bit to keep my food from tasting bland. I use more pepper because the Cajun seasoning has more pepper in them alonh with other spice and less salt. I just watch my portions of all that I eat. I was told not to eat bananas and grapefruits. No, I doesn't eat the grapefruits but sometimes I need potassium and will eat bananas to keep from cramping. You just have to know what your own body needs and what it doesn't need. It'll let you know. Since I ate bananas, I am not cramping as bad. So they help and maybe not by eating them daily. You just have to try different food, but that diet list that the doctor give us is out of the question. If I followed their list, I would be dead in 3 days. (lol) Take care and you and Pogo have a good day.

Beth Reed said...

I had to laugh at all of the photos. The one of the bridge is really funny. We actually saw a large truck stuck in the drive thru at a local fast food chain about a year ago. I wonder about people a lot... what do they use for BRAINS haha.

I cannot believe that it is August already. Before we know it another year will have come and gone. Thanks for the reminder of Christmas... Ouch.. NOT ready even tho I have been working on it all dang year!

Love you and Pogo. I will call you later on. Right now I need to rest as I didn't sleep well last night. Hugs xxxx Beth

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I was looking at Christmas gift suggestions just yesterday, I'm determined to get a jump on gift buying this year.
I cook for two people, quite frankly I think I could lose some weight if I cooked for one 😁

Mary Ann said...

Those few ounces a day can add up. I have lost 21 pounds since Jan 10th and have 457 miles on my bike. Check out Skinny girl salad dressing. Only 10 cal per 2 tbs. The Honey mustard is my favorite and also the Raspberry vinaigrette. I can only find it at Walmart here. I gave up salt cold turkey. I never thought I could eat an egg or tomato without it but it's OK. We have a bag of potato chips since Jan in our cupboard. Will take them to the family picnic (check expiration date first). Mary Ann

Laurel Wood said...

Hi, I am a long time blog friend of Theresa (above) and want to stop and visit. I know it was encouraging to get answers from your dr. Glad you got your groceries at Walmart. Getting the groceries put in their proper place is tiring. I do hope you were able to enjoy time on the porch today. I live in GA and we've had clouds the last 2 days, which makes being outdoors more tolerable. Have a blessed evening. (I love the cat/kitten photo)