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Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Blood Pressure Meds Are Working

August 15, 2019

Good afternoon.  My goodness, I slept super late this morning.  Of course, I was up half the night reading another book by Sidney Sheldon.  This one is Memories of Midnight.  Today is another beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temps in the seventies. 

Yesterday, Deanne came by with another super delicious meal.  This one had grilled chicken, noodles and corn.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  While she was here, she set up my new cooktop.  I did not get to use it though because I already had supper meals for Pogo and me.  So today I'll give the new burners a try. 

In the afternoon, I went through all my canned goods and bagged up all the ones that I can no longer have.  I filled up a shopping bag with all the cans.  I imagine I'll have to do the same thing with my freezer soon. 

Pogo and I went out on the porch to see if there were any birds to photograph.  Here's a new photo of my handsome little fellow.  It's hard to get good photos of him because he just won't look at me if he thinks I'm taking his photo.

There were several birds in the yard, but I'm drawn to the Blue Jays.  They are so beautiful.  Here are two of my better shots.

Later in the afternoon, my daughter Audrey called.  She gave me another nice recipe and some wonderful tips.  I decided that she and Deanne should collaborate on a  new recipe book for folks on low/no salt diets.  I love recipes that only have a few ingredients.  I also like short cuts.  (as long as they are super tasty!)  I will save all their recipes and tips in a folder, and when the time is right, they can put their book together.

I went out around 3:30 this morning with hopes of seeing the new green full moon.  Sad to say I saw nothing.  Drats!  I just looked it up on Google, and it says that the moon should be visible tonight around midnight.  I guess I'll just have to try again.tonight.

My blood pressure seems to be doing rather well.  I just took it and it's 125 over 69. That's the lowest it's been in quite a while.  Tomorrow afternoon I have a doctor appointment to have more labs done.  I'm hoping that this will be my last appointment for a while. 

Now I think I'll do a bit of blog reading, then see what's for  lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Laurel Wood said...

Pogo is adorable. I am glad you are enjoying your books. Reading is a nice on these hot days. I am happy to hear your temps are cooler. Perhaps that is why you can sleep later. Your daughters sound like good cooks. A cookbook by those two would be wonderful. My husband is on low sugar, salt diet. So thankful you bp meds are working well and I do hope you won't have to check in with the dr. as often. I love the blue bird photos. Enjoy your afternoon and evening.

Angelicastar said...

Your blood pressure look like mine. Since I volunteered and stop taking amlodipine my blood pressure have been lowered and normal. They had me taking 3 blood pressure pills and I stopped on my own. I quit taking a lot of meds that they had me taking. Fluid pills was another one I quit taking. They had me cramping and toes hurting. Most of the time these doctors and drug stores are working together to make money. These days you have to make your own health decisions because all the others want is a dollar bill. I can tell when my meds are the problem.

So far my eye doctor haven't sent me another appointment as of yet and I hope she doesn't. They have been calling for a survey. I said, survey? I just hang the phone up. Maybe she forgot she wasn't in on my appointment date or maybe she thought she saw me on that date. (lol) it make you wonder about the minds of people sometimes. I most likely won't be going back to see her. If I need another eye doctor, it will be someone else.
Hope you and Pogo have a great day

Sue said...

So happy the meds.are working, I too take medication for HBP! Your bluejay photos are so lovely, as is Pogo, our dog Jack didn't like his photo taken either.
Enjoy your day.

My Tata's Cottage said...

Hello my wonderful friend. You mean the world to me and your kindnesses by stopping at the blog are so loved. I am glad you are getting along nicely. I need those daughters, cooking those yummy meals, you are truly blessed.
Pogo is a character, so strong willed. I can relate to him. His photo is just sweet as can be!
we still have 90 temps ugh but I know the cooler weather will arrive. Always my pleasure to see you here.
I love tasty food too. Have to be careful with too much spicy stuff these days and it is the craziest thing. As a kid, my mom would buy Brunsweiger and baby Swiss Cheese and make delicious sandwiches. My girl Noelle is the only one who eats it with me still. SO I bought a small package of pre sliced Brunsweiger and yummy Baby swiss. I enjoyed a sandwich to days in a row and handed some to her. It is a guilty pleasure we love. Mom use to fry it in the pan with eggs also.
You take care and hope you will see that moon again.
Remind me if I told you about the star Jake, from Buffalo bought for Colton and Jacey and Harrison. Named for Alastor Avery. We are going to try to see it later this month. It is only visible in our area a few times a year in July and/or August.
LOve to you my dear friend. Take care HUGS xo LOVE

Beth Reed said...

I think that Deanne and Audrey should put together a cookbook because it is a good idea and it is something that many folks need. Especially the older we get the fewer the ingredients the better and we can all use less salt in our diets.

Awww your photos of the birds and Pogo are so sweet. I know the feeling of him not looking at you if he thinks that you might take a picture of him. Isn't it amazing that they just know. Cisco was not much for the camera and now Foxy is getting wise to the fact lol.

My leg hurt all day today but I stayed off of it and just rested. I napped on and off. I did go out and look at the beautiful moon and glad that I did as big puffy clouds are filling up the sky.

I am off to do my blog post. Talk to you later... xxx Beth

Theresa said...

Good job on the change in your diet, sounds like it's working! Deanne is sure sweet to bring delicious meals! I love those bird pictures:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Steve Reed said...

Nice blue jay shots! They're noisy birds but they're so pretty. We have a different species here in England -- they're known as Eurasian jays and they're mostly light brown with blue wing bars.

Glad your blood pressure is better!