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Friday, August 23, 2019

Memories And Friends Are Priceless

August 23, 2019

Good morning.  It's not even 5 a.m  but I've been up for quite a while.  It's those darn naps!  If I take a nap or fall asleep too early in the evening, I'm up the rest of the night.  Ah well, I've decided just to go with the flow.  As long as I get some daytime hours to do things, then all is well.

I have to share something really nice.  A lot of days when I'm just not feeling up to snuff, I do my best to visit all my favorite blogs.  Alas, I don't always make it to all of them.  Somehow a reader on one of these blogs noticed that I wasn't leaving comments and asked why I had been missing.  Another reader on that blog knew me and answered that person and then sent me an email to let me know.  Thank you Helen.  You are a treasure.

Folks, I'm blessed.  I have to thank my friend Snowy for helping me get this blog set up and running.  Since I've been posting, I have met the nicest folks and made lots of wonderful new friends.  I borrowed this image from the web to share.  It says it all.

Every now and then, someone will post a picture of an item on FaceBook and ask "Do you remember this" or "Do you know what this is?"  Most of the time, these are items that were quite popular when I was very young.  So I'm wondering how many of you ever wore a Pinafore.  Do you know what they are?

When I was a little girl, I wore a pinafore over my dress every day when I went to school.  A pinafore is a sleeveless apron-like garment that is worn over a young girl's dress (and women's too) and typically had ties or buttons at the back.  Mine had a bow in the back.  My pinafore was usually white, and helped to keep my dress clean.  Here's an image I borrowed from the web showing what a pinafore might look like, along with a short description.  Some of my pinafores had a ruffle around the bottom and around the armholes.

When my mother would (hand) wash my dresses and pinafores, she would first take down the hems.  After they were washed, dried and pressed, she would sew the hems back up.  This way, my clothes lasted longer and I did not grow out of them so quickly.  You have to remember, the war had just ended when I started school, and there wasn't much money for new clothes.  Somehow though, my mother made sure that my brother and I always looked as nice as all the other kids.

I've lived a long time, and seen a lot of things come and go.  When I look back, I wouldn't trade my growing up years.  I watched the progress of the phone, the television, and especially the music media.  When I was a little girl, we had a Victrola.  You placed the record on it's turntable and then wound up the victrola with the handle on the side of the machine. 

So many changes came along in the name of progress, and I was lucky enough to have seen it all.  Growing old isn't always a bundle of fun days, but it is still a gift that not everyone gets to experience.  Here's another adorable image that I borrowed from the web.

Tomorrow, Deanne and I are going back to the Cabaret.  Hopefully, Eddie can come with us this time.  I promise to make sure I don't forget to take my phone with me so that I can get some videos.

Pretty soon it will be daylight.  I think I'll have a look in the pantry to see what there is for breakfast.  It's that time again when I need to go shopping for groceries.  Maybe later today.  We'll see how I'm feeling then.

So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

Oh Edna, I remember in the first grade I had a pinafore but I honestly thought that you were talking about something that went under the dress and not over it. I don't know why but I only wore it with one dress. A blue one and I loved it.
It was passed down over the years.

Isn't it amazing all of the things that you have seen? All that you have done? You are only as old as you feel and you have had a bad time of it lately but you still have your spark and so many people that love you. That photo really did say it all. Friends are priceless.

Have fun at the cabaret. I know that it will be a great show and that you will not forget your phone this time. Seeing it again will just be icing on the cake! Have an awesome day my friend! xx

LV said...

Since I was a depression baby, I know all about these things. Enjoy your weekend.

Angelicastar said...

My Aunts had a Victrola. I remember them very well. Our first television was black and white and look like a box with a screen. (lol) I knew about a pinafore but never knew why they were worn. Thanks for the knowledge.

You can rest assure you are always on someone's mind and wonder where you are if you don't show up. You keep me motivated and smiling, along with the knowledge you give us on your blog. Glad to call you family. I am not very chatty today for some reason, I have stomach problems. Probably something I've eaten. I hope you and pogo have a good day.

Theresa said...

I am thankful for so many friends (like you) that I have made thru blogging. Friends for life. Enjoy your time at the show. Hugs

Laurel Wood said...

I do remember pinafores. One in particular I remember my grandma made me. I treasure all my blog friends and it is a blessing to be able to visit everyone. I hope you can sleep well tonight. Like you, I woke very early last night (3 a.m. actually) so it has been a LONG day! lol

My Tata's Cottage said...

This was the sweetest post. Your mother was such a wise woman and a very good mother. I love a pinafore over a dress. Your doll looks like an American Girl. I have purchased some that are used and found a lady in Utah, I met at a Christmas Market, who makes very reasonably priced clothing for them. But those dolls are expensive to upkeep.I just j looking at their sweet faces
I have made some of the most amazing blog friends, including you. I am still so honored you made that baby blanket for Brody. What a delightful lady you are and good friend too.
I have slept well the past few weeks. I will see how it holds up. The hubby slept so soundly he was late getting up today. He starts his work day at 8 but gets on his bus by 6:20 so he can arrive by 7 a.m. to get organized and set up for his day. I left in such a hurry he left his phone on his nightstand. So I had to email him if I needed anything. I Make us a cup of Mint Sleepy Time tea and it helps relax us.
I hope you get some well deserved rest. Take care and thank you for the friendship we have shared.

smiekeltje said...

It is amazing what we've seen changing during our life thus far! I know pinafors, b ut i don;t think I ever wore them.
ou said it isn;t all too well for your sleep if you do the naps during day or early evening. Well, that;s why I try also not to take a nap so that i can sleep at least for a few hours during the night.
Sometimes though I just have to shut my eyes just after dinner. It might be just for half an hour but that is enough to get me through the evening LOL. I try not to do it too often though.
Would be nice if Eddie could go with you to the cabaret too. The more the merrier.
And yes, I met you through the internet, Snowy's group! We already know eachother quite a long time, and I am happy I know you!
So best we hold on some more time like this, okay?
Oh, I am busy trying to find some recipes for you, I know a little bit your taste but it would help if you could let me know(by mail?)what you like to eat and what not at all/ would help to find perhaps some tasty and quick recipes.
Now you have a wonderful day. Take care.

Sue said...

I too am so thankful for my blogging friends, old and new ones! I wish I had more time to blog more often, maybe when the weather changes I can.Enjoyed this post. The singers on the brochure are very familiar, ones I enjoyed then and now.
Thanks for sharing.

Steve Reed said...

Needless to say, I never wore a pinafore! Actually, I wasn't even sure what a pinafore was -- I thought it was like a petticoat, and went underneath the skirt. Clearly I was wrong!

Can you imagine having to take down and sew up the hems of garments every time you wash them? Sounds like a lot of work.

Blogging is a great way to meet and get to know people from all over the world. It's like a big writing club. I've really enjoyed all the years I've spent blogging. Glad to have you in Blogland, Edna!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Edna, I am a baby boomer, born 1953. Ive seen pinafores but never wore ine! I personally miss the 'old' days before technology. A simpler time for sure!

My 8 year old Granddaughter Gracie got an American Girl doll for her birthday. Mom took her to San Francisco to the AG store. She named her Summer, and she also has a similar doll named Sarah. I found realky cute affordable doll clithes on Zulily for $5 per outfit so i bought a few. Hope Grace likes them!
Have a good day and scritches for Pogo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Edna, Thank you for your post "Memories And Friends Are Priceless". I had almost forgotten about wearing pinnies as a child. Like you, my sisters and I all wore pinafores over our dresses. Our pinafores covered our dress completely and had ruffles on shoulders and hems. I guess we are of similar vintage as from the 60's onward pinafores were rarely seen. I still wear what I call a pinafore but nothing like a childs garment, it is just a full length bib apron with cross shoulder ties. Regards, Grace.