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Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Super NIce Night Out

August 11, 2019

Good morning.  And what a gorgeous morning it is!  The sun is shining and it's 62F degrees.  Later the temps will reach eighty degrees.  There's even a tiny breeze.  What more could we ask for?

Last night, Deanne and I went to the Paris Cabaret.  Dee's friend Kristy joined us shortly after we got there, and we all had a fantabulous time.  The show was great and the food was delicious.  The only downfall is that I forgot my phone.  Yup, I was so excited about going that I forgot to take my phone off the charger and put it in my purse.

Deanne and Kristy took some videos, but it is so difficult to share them via email.  Deanne tried up into the wee hours last night to send me a couple videos, but nothing worked.  We've ordered a thumb drive for her phone.  Once it comes, I'll be able to get the videos. 

I do have one photo that Deanne took of Jazzy and Kristy.  We'll just have to go back again later in the month so that I can take some photos and videos with my phone. 

I was good with my food too.  I ate my potato and most of my green beans, and only a small portion of my prime rib.  I brought the rest home.  Today, I'll share it with Pogo.  If he'll eat it.  Some days he is so picky he won't even eat prime rib! 

He's back on his medicine for his throat, and not very happy with me when I give him the medicine.  This little guy hates taking medicine.  Yup, he's just like me.  But I'm taking mine everyday, and I'm  even writing down when he takes his to make sure I don't forget any of his doses. 

Right now, he's snoozing next to me with his little face pressed into the sofa.  I don't know how he can sleep this way, but he does.  In a little while, when he wakes up, I'll make us some brunch. 

Remember Pickles?  Jazzy's little kitten?  Well, it has taken a liking to Sassy and now they can cuddle and sleep together.  Here's a photo that Deanne sent to me.

Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  Before I go, here's something I borrowed from the web to share.  Please remember to always be kind to animals. 

I'm off now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I wish I had your weather because we have been in the triple digits here and it's been too hot to go outside. It's suppose to be cooling down starting next week. Meaning leaving the triple digits but staying in the 90's. I am watering trying to save my fruit trees and flowers but they aren't looking so good from the heat.

Approximately 14 people here had animal cruelty warrants and got arrested this weekend. That was the best thing that could ever happen. Those babies are our friends and people fight them because they don't fight back. They couldn't win if they tried. The charges weren't all for dogs but turtles, horses, etc. People don't realize they need to eat and stay clean. My sister use to think all animals weren't clean until I got her to see that the animals aren't the problem but the one who have the animals are the problem. My babies sit on my sofa, sleep in my bed and take bath. Their food is always as clean as mine. I wash my hands before I prepare their meals. Your house doesn't smell because they are in there. My suggestion is to clean up and it will not. That little doggy and kitty are having the time of their lives and living it up together. It's so cute with them cuddling. It's based on how they are taught. My babies have an argument sometimes but I talk to them and they quit. Milo is the problem. (lol) He will make those lazy girls (Babs and Queen) run after him. He will walk up and take his foot and hit them and run. They love each other though.

When I hear Queen growling at someone I know it's Milo making her play. Babs will play with him but Queen is not having that sometimes. (lol) You and Pogo have a great Sunday.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sounds like you really had a fun time, and great food to go along with it !
Such a sweet picture of the kitty and pup curled up together, they look like the best of friends :)
Enjoy your pretty day ….

Sue said...

Sounds like a marvelous evening, I love dinner theater, haven't been in a while though.
I can't understand why someone would mistreat an animal, they are so precious. Hope your little pogo feels better.

Laurel Wood said...

Sounds like you had a great time out last night. The meal sounds delicious, too. I hope your little doggie will take his medicine. I have one rescue dog and 5 rescue cats. I am so tender-hearted about animals. I hope you will have a pleasant evening and a good day tomorrow.

Steve Reed said...

The cabaret sounds like fun! Hope you get some videos. And that photo with the cat and dog cuddling is so amazing. I think Olga would eat any cat that came near her. (Unfortunately!)

Theresa said...

What a wonderful time, Jazzy is gorgeous and I know very talented. Have a blessed day dear friend, hope the weather stays nice. It is "hot as blue blazes" down here! HUGS!

Beth Reed said...

Hot as blue blazes is such a great term for the heat we are experiencing. I am really ready for fall to get here. I was noticing a little while ago that our trees are already shedding their leaves, but it is because of the heat sucking all the moisture out of everything. Soon tho we will be raking leaves day and night. Some how I am not sorry to see it coming.

I know that you are disappointed that you left your phone home but you will get a chance to go back and take even greater photos. It was really nice that Deanne's friend could join you at the Cabaret. Jazzy is so gorgeous and talented.

Oh I do love the photo of Pickles and Sassy. That one is so sweet. I am off to read your next blog post... Hugs, Beth