Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Another Super Day

July 17, 2019

Good morning.  The sun keeps popping in and out, and the temperature is 77F degrees and headed for the upper eighties.  There is a little breeze, which is making my flag wave about happily.  The humidity is at 83 %, and we're supposed to get rain later in the day.  We could use a bit of rain to keep our plants happy.

Yesterday was another busy day for me.  After Pogo and I took Deanne to work, we headed for the medical supply store to get me a new walker.  I never realized how much paper work was involved, but it didn't  take too long to get it all done.  I picked out a maroon walker with a nice big seat on it. 

There is a basket under the seat that Pogo can ride in, but then I would not be able to sit.  So now I'm still looking for a folding basket to put on the front of the walker for Pogo.  I have found a few of them, but I don't like the way they attach to the walker. 

Now I will clean up the walker that I've been suing and set is aside until someone else needs one.  There is nothing wrong with it, except that the seat is too narrow for me.  I can't fit my tushi on it.  This walker was my hubby's.  He was tall and thin. 

Ob the way home from the medical supply store, we took a ride through the park.  Sad to say, I did not  have my camera with me.  There was a swan family way out in the water.  They were quite a distance away, but I did the best I could to get a photo with my cell phone. 

I also stopped to get a photo of one of the waterfalls.  They are so pretty and sound so peaceful. 

When we got home, I uploaded some photos that Deanne had sent to my phone of her guinea pig (Clyde) and Jazzy's kitten (Pickles).  For some reason, Pickles loves to climb into Clyde's bed and sleep with him.  Aren't they just the cutest?

Today will be much quieter.  We'll take Deanne to work, and on the way home we'll stop by the bank.  Got to pay those bills!  hahaha.  Depending on how I'm feeling, we may or may not stop by Ocean State Job Lot. 

After that, it's back home  for us.  There are dishes in the sink waiting for me to tend to them.  There's always dishes in the sink!  I can't usually stand there long enough to wash all of them at one time.  I would put in a dishwasher, but there is no room for one. 

As for my new oxygen concentrator, I can feel  the difference already.  My breathing is much better.  I can even be off the oxygen for periods of time like before.  With the old concentrators, I needed the oxygen 24 hours around the clock.  What a difference the right equipment makes. 

Tomorrow, I may call in an order for a few groceries to be picked up.  Joe said he would get them for me on his way home from work.  I won't need very much, but I do like the frozen breakfast bowls and I'd like to order some of them.  Plus milk and water, and a few other staples.

Now I'm going to have my coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Angelicastar said...

First because I will a counter height bar stool and you can use it to sit and do things in your kitchen, cook, wash dishes, etc. I have an island in my kitchen and I use those stools to sit when I am doing things there. I did a beef stew in my slow cooker last night and before I went to bed I sit in the kitchen peeling my potatoes and carrots. It works out okay.

So glad you got your walker. Yes they act like you are buying a home when you go to buy medical supplies. (lol) I had to go to my orthopedic to get paper work done so they could deliver my scooter. It's been down now for some years. I think I need a battery and I hate to pay over $200.00 for one. The price for those supplies are just out of line. My scooter was $2800.00. That's a down payment on an automobile. But they make their money on us old folks and especially when we get sick. I like your weather.(Summer) We won't see any temps in the 70's until winter. It's been in the 80's all night long.

I know you're glad you got the oxygen taken care of. It is so uncomfortable when you're having a hard time breathing. Now you and Pogo can tour your yard viewing your beautiful flowers. It's so hot, so don't stay out too long when the temps hit 80. Hope you and Pogo have a good day.