Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Now How Did I Get That?

July 24, 2019

Good afternoon.  Yup, I'm still here in the hospital.  Yesterday afternoon I had the first half of the stress test.  They came for me at 7:30 this morning to go have the other half of the test.  That took about three hours from start to finish. 

I'm still waiting for the outcome from the heart stress test, but I already got results from the ultrasound on my kidneys, bladder and belly.  It seems I have an Aneurysm in the Aorta mid section measuring about 3.5.  If it gets to 5 then surgery would be needed to put in a stent (I  think that's what he said).  So far though, we're just monitoring it.  Thanks for little blessings. 

There is some kidney failure (only moderate) so this will be monitored too for now.  My blood pressure is still wicked high, so now they are working on bringing that down.  There will be no going home today.  The heart doctor should be in later to discuss the results from the stress test. 

So that's my update so far.  Here's a new photo to show off all my pretty wires.  (from heart monitor)

Deanne stopped by my house and took this photo of my tomato.  One beautiful little green tomato! 

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes.  It means a lot knowing you care.  Theresa, you had me  giggling.  That's what my daughter Audrey (in Virginia) says all the time.  "Don't make me come up there!"  hahahahaha.

I haven't been keeping up so good with reading the blogs and leaving comments.  But I will catch up whenever I have the chance to use my laptop.  I will leave you now with one of the photos that I took just before things took a turn for the worse.  Some of my lilies are a beautiful yellow.  These are such happy flowers.

I'm off now till tomorrow (hopefully).  Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

So glad to see your face even if it is in a photo! Oooh and that pretty little tomato and lilies are just awesome!

I tried to call but didn't want to disturb you so I figured you must be resting. I am thinking of you. Big Hugs, I will be checking on you. Love, Beth

Angelicastar said...

GET WELL SOON....NOTHING CAN KEEP A GOOD PERSON DOWN. Thanks for the update. You are still showing us the pretty flowers, the tomato, and giving us high spirits no matter what. Please let me know about the kidney because my kidney doctor told me that they don't have to work a 100% to clean your blood because we have been laughing when I said as old as I am there's nothing on me working a 100% If you can remember I was on dialysis and got mad from all the trouble those ladies were keeping up in the facility and left. I'll let what they tell you be my second opinion. (lol) He could be lying to me. They think I am hot headed because when they tell me something out of the ordinary I say no. I am not having any problems with the Kidneys so far. How is Pogo. I know they are taking care of him for you. Have a great day and hurry home.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the updates. Don't be in a hurry to go home...let them spoil you and get a thorough evaluation. When I got my wound in Jan. I had to go to join the Care Coordinator program to get the wound nurse I wanted. I had to pick a goal. weight and biking...and also no salt. No problem giving up salt just went cold turkey. So far I have lost 21 pounds and biked 427 miles. My goal until the end of the year is 915 miles. I can't walk across a room but I can bike from here to Chatanooga. Just get better as we will all miss your blog.

LV said...

My what a shock! I know you have some health issues, but do not like the sound of this. Trust the test prove you will be fine with rest.I am familiar with congestive heart failure as that is what took my husband. He had a pacemaker. Hang in there!

gypsyrose said...

So sorry to hear your in hospital hope things will get sorted out quickly for you you must be missing Pogo so much, sending love and prayers for you x