Monday, July 1, 2019

Welcome July

July 1, 2019

Good morning.  Can you believe it is already July?   It's only twenty five weeks till Christmas.  I hope everyone has already started their shopping because the holiday is going to be here before we know it.  Here's the July page from my calendar.

The little pirate ship is located in Plymouth Harbor here in Massachusetts.  I just thought it was so cute that I had to photograph it and include it on my calendar.

Well, as I mentioned before, Pogo's new bed came a few days ago, and he loves it.  Here are a couple photos of him checking it out and then resting in it. 

It's soft and squishy and oh so comfy.  The only drawback is that it is too warm when the temps climb up into the eighties and nineties.  That's when Pogo would rather just lay on the floor.  But every now and then he hops back into his new bed.  It has deep seams that he can almost disappear into. 

Well, yesterday turned into a lazy day for me.  I just did not feel up to doing anything at all.  Today I shall try to make up for it.  My laundry is waiting to be put into the washer.  And the vacuum cleaner keeps begging me to give it a whirl around the room. 

I really was going to do all this yesterday afternoon, but poor Pogo had a bit of an accident on the floor and I had to clean it all up.  After that, I put Pogo in the bathroom sink and gave him a bath.  That was a whole day's worth of effort for me. 

Well, that's about all my news for today.  I really want to get that laundry started.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I slept hard and long this morning. I hate to get out of bed but my fur babies need to go potty and eat breaksfast. Sometimes I go into a deep sleep and it feel so good. (lol) Pogo look so comfy in his bed. It's good for him when it get cold there and you have all the snow. Mine like to sleep on the floor now I assume because the ceramic tile is cold. I get them up at night and make them sleep in their beds and cover with their blankets because the temps drop to cooler at night and with the air going, they might catch colds. But they love the floor. I bought them a large bed that look like a pad and I use a blanket on the floor in the day time for them so they can get out of the beds and play. Tell Pogo I am coming sleep in that bed right beside him. (lol) Hope you two have a wonderful day

Beth Reed said...

Good Morning,
I am so sorry Pogo had an accident. Sometimes they just happen. I love the photos of my little guy. He is happy happy happy with his new bed. It sure does look comfy. I will send you that recipe today. I forgot until you mentioned the warmth.

Well I never made it back to snooze this morning. Before I knew it the sun was coming up and so I made my coffee and took it out on the patio to drink and watch for my bats. I am not sure where they are at right now. I did not see a single one but I have heard them close by. I still love to see them tho.

I have several things to do so I will talk to you later. Have an awesome day! Hugs my friend and Kisses to my Pogo! Love, Beth xxx

Annsterw said...

Pogo is adorable in his new bed!!! I did not sleep a wink last night and it is a really long day at work when you struggle to keep your eyes open! UGH!

Kathy said...

Pogo's new bed is so nice. Jack has a similar one. He will put his front paws in it, knead it, and then walk away. He refuses to sleep in it.

I usually don't do anything on Sunday other than go to church and make dinner. It's good to have a day where you don't do anything.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Theresa said...

That bed looks SO comfy! I know Pogo is very thankful! Enjoy your day dear friend, I hope you get your chores done:) HUGS!