Friday, July 19, 2019

I'm Embracing My Old Age

July 19, 2019

Good afternoon.  I know I'm late, but I had some errands to do this morning before it got too hot to go out.  Deanne came with me so I could return some things to WalMart.  Then we picked up a few things, and headed back home. 

We did stop by McDonalds to get some iced coffee.  I like their coffee so much better than Dunkin Donuts, and I don't do Starbucks.  Earlier, I had stopped at the Dollar Store to get some new little pads of notepaper.  I really needed these because the pad I'm using only has two more clean pieces of paper to write on. 

Did I ever mention that I have a thing for paper?  Yup, I do.  I love paper.  My hubby and I used to love to go yard saling on the weekends.  I used to find all sorts of fabulous paper notebooks and pads of paper.  Finally, I had to stop buying anymore for quite a while because my paper stash got so huge.  hahaha.  Somewhere in my earlier life, paper must have been very important to me.  I still love paper, but I'm not as bad about collecting it anymore. 

Here's a new photo of me going through the drive thru at McDonald's a few days ago when I was picking up some take out for our supper.  I'm posting this to let everyone know that I am doing pretty good.  Sorry about the snooty grin.  I don't take very good selfies.

These next couple of days here will bring temps around 100F degrees.  Please be careful of your fur babies.  And folks, if you're planning on moving, or if someone you know is moving, please please don't leave the fur babies behind.  They will die.  Please take them with you.  They are family!

I never leave Pogo in the car alone.  Either he goes inside with me wherever I am, or I leave him at home.  If I leave him at home, I make sure to have the air conditioner (or heat, whatever is needed) on.  I tell him I will be back as soon as I can. 

I stumbled across this next photo on the web and I just had to borrow it to share here.  There is so much positive energy in this picture.  And the message is true.  Most all my friends and family around my age have already moved on to a higher place.  A lot of them never got to grow old like I have.  The caption with this picture read:  "Embrace old age.  It's a privilege denied to many."

Today, I wore my red, white and blue muu muu dress when I went shopping.  It's a very comfortable dress.  I may look like a short round colorful clump with a pony tail, but I don't care.  This dress was made specially for old folks like me. (young folks too)   Besides, I'm a nice clump!  hahaha.

Now I have some things to do, plus I want to catch up on some blog reading.  Before I go, let me leave you with a big smile.  Anything in your house need fixing?????  (image borrowed from web)

So, till  Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I am laughing hard about the last photo. Mine just broke too and I doesn't feel a pain, so he can just come over and fix whatever. Thanks for the laugh.

When I have to take one fur baby to the vet or anywhere, I take all 3 with lots of water. I never leave them in the car. The places I can't carry them, I leave them at home. I am worried and trying to hurry back to see about them. I leave the house comfortable and they lay and watch television until I return. I know I have alarms and cameras but crooks don't care and when they break in your house, they will either hurt or steal your babies. It will hurt if that happen. I keep my car in the garage so I will always look like no one is there. I hate to say it, but the crooks are usually your neighbors. Mine know I am most likely in the house. If they miss me leaving they don't know if I am in the house or not. I treat my fur babies as if they are my children, in which they are.

By the way my son talk about me and my mu mus. I like to be comfortable and clothes that fit seem to tie me down. The bra is terrible. When I have to dress, I rush home and take off those clothes and get back in my mu mu. Keep wearing them. We are looking for comfort in our golden years. Have a great day. (You and Pogo)

Beth Reed said...

LOL... Yup I love the fixer upper man... Mine just broke too haha. Loved all of the images and no way would I ever leave my fur babies behind. Foxy is rarely left alone without one of us being at home. She is our girl and she always has someone with her. Usually me.

My daughter in law got back to me so I ordered her the red rose. Wow what a gorgeous gift for her and I ordered me one too. That way we can have one together when I am there and I will probably leave mine there too for a "Friend" :)

My soup is waiting so I will close for now.... Love you and Pogo to the moon and back.. xxx Beth

My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh My Goodness, loved this post! Love your photo and love your shares too. These 100 plus temps are awful., Leo gets so mad at me but I scoot him , all ninety five lbs. back into the house. I refuse to leave the gang out for longer than five minutes and make sure they stay on the lawn. I was visiting with my friend who works at Target today. She lost her son in the Wal-Mart shooting a few years ago. I told her my age and she said stop fibbing. gee, I wish I had money to give her hee hee hee. She is a real doll. Her name is Jovita and she appreates prayers. She has a very kind heart and so did her son. Breaks my heart but I always put my best brave face on for her.
Thank you for reminding me that preemie babies will one day rise up! You are a kind heart and I am honored you are my friend.
Stay cool pretty lady. HUGS

Theresa said...

Something just broke here too, send him to help me😂. I am thankful to still be kickin’. My Mama passed away at 63 years old and I am now 65. We just need to be happy with where we are in life, don’t we. I bet you are adorable in your muumuu❤️ Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

smiekeltje said...

I asm so glad you have the new oxygen stuff!! I was a bit worried about you, really!
Love the photos of the kitty and guinea pig! Would that friendship last forever??
Oh it would have been both a sad and happy moment on the birthday of your Michael and of course Artie! The memories will never got lost and always warm one's heart. But sad they passed away so long ago.

Oh, I am jealous of your hosta's! I had one or two long ago, but our snails loved them too much, so never tried to put them in the garden again. Perhaps I should, may be in a larger container?
And hoorray for your perhaps upcoming tomatoes LOL! May be you will grow enough this year to put on a sandwich or make a mixed salad???
It doesn;t matter too much if we grow a large quantaty, as long as SOMETHIN grows out of our so tenderly cared for seeds.
I think you hold very well the "old age"! Probably your humor plays a big role in it too. It;s a pity that at times our bodies just don't hold on too well. Stil, as long as the mind works quite well and we can have joy out of little things, there are always good days in between some less good ones.
Now it is about time to go posting on my blog. I probably forgot to mention a lot of thiings, but that will be for next time, may be.
You just hold on and take care of yourself and Pogo, hopefully have some beautiful days so you can enjoy sitting at the porch.
Have a wonderful week my friend!

Beth Reed said...

Oh Edna,
Where do you order your Moo Moo's from? I have been looking and I forgot to ask. I really love them. I use to have several but they are long gone now.

I will give you a call later on today (Sunday). I was trying to read your blog and then post mine but I can't seem to keep my eyes open so I will lie down for a bit and come back later to finish reading. I am not sleeping well. I keep having to get up to use the bathroom it seems every 2-3 hours.
Give Pogo my love and I agree with everyone. You are just Beautiful... Inside and out. Love, Beth xxx