Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Super Fun Weekend

July 28, 2019

Good morning.  It's sunny and quite lovely outside right now, but in a few hours temps will be in the low nineties.  Pogo and I will be staying indoors with the air conditioning.  I'm having my first cup of coffee in over a week.  Does it taste good?  You betchaa!!

I'm feeling a little better each day, and I'm definitely breathing better!  I even did some laundry Friday night..  I washed Pogo's little bed and his blankets.  Today I'm going to wash my clothes. 

It's been quite a busy weekend in the family.  Mac and Audrey went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a Taxidermy trade convention.  Mac entered a couple of his sculptures in the competition and both pieces took ribbons.  I'll have photos of these on tomorrow's post.

Jazzy went to the West Point Military Academy Ball Friday evening, and then attended the graduation on Saturday.  I have a couple photos that Deanne sent to me.  This is Jazzy and her very best friend Cole. 

This morning, I've been watching Jewel School on JTV, and it's been quite interesting.  They are show casing tools to make it easy to make the knots on pearl strings, and to make the holes in the pearls big enough to string.  Gosh, where were these tools when I needed them?   I used to have to do this by hand, one bead at a time.

Before I take my leave here, I want to share something that I borrowed from the web.  This is important, and it is something that I did not know. 

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before I start a load of laundry.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I slept so much yesterday that when I woke up this morning I was thinking it is Monday. I called my son to see if he went to work because I didn't see a text from him and he said, mommy it's Sunday. (lol) I felt kinda shame. I went out to home depot and bought me another air conditioner because the one in the kitchen window is only blowing fan air. I did get caught in the rain and when I made it home it wasn't raining at my house. I do have central air but it's blowing warm air and when I did call someone out I had to run him away from my house. He told me it would cost over $1,000 just for Freon. I am afraid to try someone else so I use my window units in the back windows and the HOA can't see them. They do great. I keep saying one day I will run into someone doing that kind of work and give me a fair price. Until then, I am still staying cool.

It's great to hear about the things you are able to do now. Don't do too much. I know Pogo is glad to have you back. Jazzy is looking beautiful and she and her little friend look like little children. She is a very popular girl to be invited to a military ball. I know she had fun. Have that cup of coffee and relax with Pogo

Theresa said...

Jazzy is gorgeous, what a wonderful picture of her and her friend! I am so happy to hear that you are improving each day! Sending continued prayers and hugs your way!

Beth Reed said...

Such an honor for Jazzy to be asked to the West Point Ball. I am happy for her and Cole appears to be a nice looking young man. It is nice that they have been friends all this time and Best Friends at that. She is beautiful.

Thanks for the announcement. It is a great reminder. I already knew this as our vet gave us a do and don't list when we had bandit. It said tho that it could cause cardiac arrest and the same with people having heat exhaustion or stroke. The cold water could cause such a shock to the system that it causes heart attack.
I am glad that you posted this as it is a great reminder to pet owners.

I am ready to post on my blog but first I have to clean the kitchen and trim my nails. I am having trouble typing this post so I want to cut them. Hugs to you and Pogo xxx Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

Hey, I here already! Wanted to see how things went during weekend. Well, you sound okay and i am glad you feel a bit better every day.
But...... don;t do too much! There are things that can wait another day, so better do every day something, and leave the rest to the next day or even day after! ou've got to take care of yourself.
I bet, the coffee tasted awesome after a week!
What a lovely photo of Jazzy and her best friend. They look fantastic.
I was thinking of you all day yesterday and today too, you are stuck into my mind LOL!
So take it easy, and enjoy having Pogo at you side after those day in hospital!
Big hug