Monday, July 8, 2019

The "Feast Tree"

July 8, 2019

Good morning.  Tis sunny with temps in the seventies.  Simply lovely!  Temps will rise soon to the mid to upper eighties, but for now it is really nice.  I did have a doctor appointment this morning, but I called and rescheduled for next week.  My breathing just was not good enough to travel too early.

Hopefully, in a little while, I can go out to the post office, bank and market.  I do have these errands to do and I'm needing a few groceries.  I would love to have the groceries delivered but the last time I did that, they sent me milk that was expired in two days.  That's not acceptable. 

The mail just came, and in it was an envelope full of beautiful greeting cards from the St. Joseph's Indian School.  They send me other things too, but their cards are just beautiful.  This is one of my favorite charities.  These children deserve a safe, happy life. 

Today I have photos of some of the birds feasting in my Mulberry tree.  It was not easy getting these photos because the birds are mostly hidden in all the leaves, and they move so quickly.  But I was patient and managed to get a few good shots.  I've cropped and lightened the photos to make them easier to see, because I took them from a distance.  Thanks to the awesome zoom on my little PowerShot camera. 

Most of the birds were Robins, but there was one gray bird.  I'm not sure if it is a gray Catbird or a female Robin.  There were other birds, but these were the ones I was able to get photos of.  In the fourth photo down, note the berry in this birdie's mouth.  These are happy birds, folks!

A few days ago, there was a gorgeous orange bird perched way up high on a tree branch here in the yard, but I did not have my camera with me.  I've only seen this bird here this one time.  I sure wish it would come back.  I would love to get a photo of it. 

Pretty soon I need to get dressed and try to head out to do my errands.  Normally I would take Pogo with me, but just in case I make it to the market, I have to leave him at home.  If I have a good day later this week, I'll take Pogo out shopping. 

That's my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I like how nature's critters hang around your house. They know where the love is and they can feast there. That is so lovely. If I was there I would be trying to get some of the mulberries. (lol)

Oh well, I cancelled my doctor appointment Sunday when they text me the reminder because I couldn't think of a reason I would need to go to this hospital. The reason was: I needed this special procedure test for my eyes and that is where they send me to get it. I tried to get it back but couldn't. (lol) I'll just let the doctor know she need to reschedule me again and what happen. I am like you, sometimes you just don't feel well and I usually put all my appointment in my phone and my phone remind me but for some reason I missed that one. I went on line after I did the damage to see what the appointment was and that what it was for. Tough luck. I usually make all of my appointments but the human in me mess up sometimes.

You know people just don't do right when you are not around. You said they will give you expired food items. When you go through a fast food drive thru, your order is always missing whatever you ordered. I've never tried to order grocery because I like to choose my own food. It shouldn't be like that, but that's the way people do. I hope you feel better and you and Pogo have a great day.

Theresa said...

Beautiful birds. What a wonderful gift in the mail. Sounds like a great charity. Have a blessed evening dear friend. Hugs