Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve

December 31, 2010
Good morning, and Happy last day of 2010. Folks, I hope 2011 is a much better year for everyone. This past year has had a lot of difficult moments for all of us. It's time for things to be looking up now. Even though times got rough now and then, I did get to meet new friends and learn new things. So that in itself is a positive note to end the year on.
I am at work now, so this will be a short post. I thought today I would share a couple of photos that Audrey sent to me. Mac (her hubby/my son in law) had the honor of having one of his photos hung in a local museum in a nature photography display. Am I proud of him? You betcha!! This first photo shows Mac with his photo display, and next is a close up of his photo. Enjoy.

Tonight is the big night. It's New Year's Eve, and folks all around the world will be celebrating. Whatever you do, if you are out do be careful. There will be lots of drunk drivers on the roads. Let's all be careful, and make it into the new year safely.
Tootsie and I will have a nice quiet evening at home. We can watch the Ball drop, and see all the fireworks on TV. This is one night of the year that I prefer to stay at home if I don't have to work.
Before I get back to work here, I just want to wish each and every one of you a safe and Happy New Year's Eve. Till 2011, Y'all stay warm and have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

Oh Edna, I can see why you are so proud of Mac's work! That photo is fantastic!

David and I are having a quiet night to bring in 2011 too. We have a collection of movies we haven't watched, so we'll be giving the DVD player a workout and cuddling up with the cats and some wine. We're also leaving in the morning for our railfan picture-slide-show with friends in Dayton. If my organization goal for this year works out, maybe I'll have some space to sort through my files and put together a little show of mine next year. I haven’t done one since 2008! (And that one was the “surprise, we’re married” announcement one and I’m afraid my trains were kinda overshadowed!)

You and Tootsie have a nice, safe, night at home. I agree, may 2011 be a much happier year for us all!

Happy New Year!!