Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got The Frizzy Hair Blues?

December 8, 2010
Good morning. It's quite cold and windy outside my window right now. I'm hoping that it will warm up a bit so that I can go out and do a few more errands later this morning.
I've been watching the shopping channel in hopes of finding just what I'm looking for, and thereby saving myself a trek out into the cold. Alas, it's not to be! Unless of course, someone on my list is in need of hair oil, or a little lap blanket with a stuffed doggie. Ooooh, now they are showing a huge wooden comb to get all your hairy tangles out. I don't think so! Looks like I will just have to brave it out in the cold.
Oh my goodness, what a bargain! It's a magickal package for frizzy hair. First you use the special shampoo, then you rub the "smoothie" all through your hair, next you rub in a bunch of the special "oil", and then you run that great big wooden comb through this gooey glob that is now adorning your head. And Voila! Gorgeous hair! The best part is that it comes in several fragrances - crushed raspberry, musk, jasmine, juicy lime, zingy apple, and even pineapple. And for a bonus, they toss in a bottle of conditioner. Such a bargain!!!
"And next, we have an absolute must have for you. Almond Cookie Cleansing Body Gel. Is your mouth starting to water?" No kidding!!! That's what the sales rep just said!! I think I need to get a life here! Maybe I'll just switch over to the news or even more depressing, the weather channel. Maybe I'll just shut the TV off, and turn on some holiday music. Sounds like a plan.
Before I forget, I need to tell you that the Almond Cookie set comes with a body souffle (I'm not sure what this does for you, but it leaves you looking nice and gooey) and a fragrance to put on afterwards. Gosh, just what I'm needing. Santa, if you bring me any of this, I'll never invite you back again!!!
How about a photo? Today's is one that I took one morning last week as the sun was beginning to rise. I just think it's a pretty winter setting.
I think I had better take my leave now. I'm beginning to talk feisty!! Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

lol- don't laugh- but I'm using Frizz eazee for my hair , besides Panthene- and I use body butter,shower gel and so on with Coconut and cacaobutter -don't know whether to eat it sometimes. Absolutely yummie ! ...heheheh -well,a certain man seemed to think so as well , so it can't be bad,lol. And talking of that certain man - he has a large collection of stuff that smells nice himself - so I'd say these shopping channels make their money on these products. hahahah... maybe you'll find something you have been ooking for eventuelly. But I had to laugh when I read your "feisty" post,lol.
Hugs Snowy

smiekeltje said...

Hahahaha, sounds you had a good time at the shopping channel!! Well, sometimes there are good things, but also they advertise for a product and I have serious doubts aboutit. They just say anything to get you into spending your money on it! Sorry for you but it seems you really have to go out for some shopping.
Sometimes best thing is not to llok for s pecific thing(I almost never find it when I do that) and then it often happens you stumble upon something interesting!
Busy trying out another little project for Minky's, think it will take some working on it but if I succeed and am happy about the result it might be fun for kids.
Don;t get stressed too uch during the shopping LOL!
Have a great day

Nani said...

Generally at this time of year I choose holiday music over TV, and thank you for the great blog music, as usual!

It's snowy, air born for now, but cold in Toledo too. I wonder if you cold do a "gift, persons name" Google and get some ideas?

Gotta leave for therapy, but thanks for the warm music!