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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time To Writer My Letter To Santa!

December 5, 2010
Good morning. It's another chilly almost winter morning here in New England. I just got home and I'm making my morning cup of coffee. Mmmmm. Tastes so good!! Plus the Sunday morning paper just got delivered. Oh goodie! Another ten pounds of sale flyers to look through! I sure hope they are being printed on recycled paper.
Speaking of Winter, it starts officially in a couple of weeks. The best thing I can say about the start of Winter is that I can seriously start my countdown to Spring. Have you guessed that Winter is not my favorite season? Don't get me wrong, I like Winter, just not the cold and ice and snow. Plus it costs me a fortune for heat. So that is why I look forward to Spring.
Last night, I had a really nice chat with my friend on MSN. In between regular chit chat, we were making plans for our January collab kit. I must say that this is one project that I really enjoy working on. Not only is my friend Su a beautiful person, but she is a fantastic designer. And, she is very smart and willing to share what she learns.
Make room on your hard drive because tomorrow we will start posting the December collab kit, "Visions Of Sugar Plums." Does this sound yummy? Su is responsible for the color palette and theme this month. You'll just have to come by each Monday and pick up all the parts from each of us.
Today's share photo comes from Su. I'm not sure what the flower is, but we have a plant that looks very similar called Evening Primrose. The color in this photo is just sooo yummy! So lemony and Springy. I am drawn to earth colors, can you tell?
Also last night, I was able to pick up a few more holiday gifts. Thank goodness for on-line shopping. I think this will put me at the "half done" point. Gosh, I hope so. Maybe this week I can get out and finish up. Now that would really make me feel good!
Now it's time for me to give Tootsie her morning meds and maybe try to accomplish a couple of things around here before nap time. Plus, I need to start my letter to Santa. There are a couple of things that I would like and I need to let him know that I have been a very good girl this year. It's never too early to get that letter in the mail. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

I am soooo glad my Christmas shopping is done. Wow, I am so early this year. Oh, you will get it ready in time too!
Have designed quite some things this weekend, now just took time to do a bit of blog hopping, so that tomorrow morning I'll just post and then get busy with decorating|(I hope)
Have a great day