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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lot's Of Snow On It's Way Here

December 17, 2010
Good morning everybody on this rather cold Friday morning. My car was covered in a layer of frost this morning so I had to let the motor run for a while before I could see out the windows and leave for work.
Remember yesterday when I said how cold it was? That even my coffee wouldn't stay warm for very long? Well, as the day went on, and all my toes and fingers were about froze to popsicles, my son in law came over to have a look. For goodness sakes!!! We had run out of fuel oil, and therefore had no heat. Seven hundred dollars later after a full tank of fuel oil, the house started warming up.
There are so many things that I have to start doing for myself that I never had to worry about before. My hubby and my brother always took care of looking after the fuel gauge, and checking to make sure we had a plow guy in the winter. They always checked to make sure there was no water in the basement after a rain storm. And lots more things that I will now have to learn to do all over again for myself.
When I was younger and my children were small, I was very independent, and took care of things myself. Then later I found that it was quite nice to have someone else to do a lot of things for me. My Michael and my brother spoiled me quite a lot, I must say. And it is times like this, when we are alone, that we realize how blessed we really were.
Okay, on to funner stuff. I don't have any new photos, so I reached into my stash of photos from earlier this year. (I have tons of stash!!) I dug out two nice photos of a starling at the bird bath. This particular day, Mom had a young one with her, and was trying to get a moment to herself to enjoy a refreshing sip of water.
I've been listening to the weatherman and he says that we have a nasty snow storm coming in this weekend. It is supposed to get here Sunday afternoon just in time to make it difficult for me to get out to go to work. Then it is supposed to snow all through the night into Monday. Naturally! That will make it very difficult for me to get home on Monday morning, and to get into my own yard. The town plows come by and leave a few feet of snow piled up in front of my driveway. Not just my driveway, everyone's driveway. I guess that's just to make life a bit more interesting. (No, I'm not laughing!)
I'm at work and it's 8 am, and the Mrs. is beginning to stir. So it is time for me to get busy and start her breakfast tray. Till tomorrow, stay warm and Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Oh whee, no oil in the tank.! No wonder you had it real cold in the house! Oops, that's quit an amount of money for the fuel. For how long this tank will last? Here we have a lot on gas but we pay for it every month, which isn;t a small amount and it's so funny, the gas itself isn;t so expensive, but there are a lot of extra costs on it, like VAT, transportation costs!!! and some more real good invented things that will only benefit the governmental wallet!
Hope, you will get safely through the snow on your way back home! Be real careful.
And yes, you have to get used to take care of things all by yourself again, not easy, I can imagine. Sometimes men are very handy to have around, you know!
But I am sure you'll get the hang of it again.
Take care,

Snowraven aka Silke said...

OMG - I feel for you ! Not nice when it gets so freezing in the house. Cold here as well, only 27 , but windchill factor down to 15 degrees. Your idea with Florida sounds good ! Julie Cowden is there now and she just told me it's in the 70ies there and she and Lizzie are sunning it on Clearwater Beach. lol- can make you a tad jealous hearing that while it's so cold here.
Yes, it will take some getting used to doing it all yourself.I was used to Jason taking care of some things as well, but even after all this time alone I'm still struggling to keep up with everything sometimes. Be careful if it snows -Hugs Snowy