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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've Been A Busy Little Bee

December 7, 2010
Gosh, the morning is almost gone, and it feels like late afternoon. Miss Tootsie and I got up very early, around 3 am, and I have been quite busy searching for misplaced files, and designing new freebies. I have a new CU freebie coming up later this month, along with a couple of Christmas QP's. It feels good to be getting back into design mode.
I put up my little Christmas tree a couple of days ago, and right now it is twinkling away at me. The card reader drive on my laptop seems to be giving me a bit of a problem, so I can't show any of the photos that I took of the tree. I will have to look for my portable card reader.
There was some good news about Erik on Snowy's blog, so you might want to hop over there to read about it. Also, you might want to visit Kyra's blog too and learn about the brand new Christmas blog train. She has posted her part in it and it's quite lovely.
For today's share photo, I have one that I took this summer of some cobblestones in a local park. Do any of you remember when cobblestones were on most of our roads? When I was a little girl, a lot of the roads were still made with these. Then along came progress and tarred roads. Maybe these were also before your time? Hmmm?
My daughter in law came by yesterday to sit with Tootsie so that I could get a few errands done. I think I made a nice little dent in my shopping, but there's still some left to do. Plus, I have to pick up a few more boxes so that I can get my mail away boxes packed and out of here. Once that is done, I will breathe easier because I will be almost done. Woo Hoo!!
Now I think I will get some lunch for Tootsie and me. It's almost noon. My, where did the morning go? Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

Cobblestones are NOT fun to drive on in a Camaro! I did that the first time I went to Savannah.

We're working on tidying up this week to put our tree up this weekend.

I'm commenting late because I waited too long to take my pan pills for my arm and I can't sleep yet, I tried. I'm at that muscles repairing via nerves meet and spasm. yuck. At least I have the Christmas music station to keep my spirits up!

You have a great day!