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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Scrapper Hop

May 20, 2009

Well, I had my orthopedic check up yesterday. Turned out to be so so. I was told I needed to have an emg done. However, I guess the phone lines were tied up because they could not schedule the appointment for me at that time. They would schedule it later and call me with the appointment. So far, I have not heard from them.

I was also given a prescription saying that I needed to attend therapy or at least be given instructions on what to do at home. Well, I meandered on down to the physical therapy department, and filled out my papers. Then I was told that due to a shortage of therapists, I could not be seen or given an appointment. They would put me on the "call" list, and I would hear from them later regarding an appointment. Natch! I have not heard from them either.

All this was because of the pain in the heels of my feet when I try to stand or walk. So much for modern medicine and it's progress. At least the doctor was able to rule out spurs (I hope I spelled that correctly.) So for the time being, I shall keep on hopping. It's just another new dance in the game of life - The Scrapper Hop.

Today, I plan to attempt to get some work done in my house. Oh goody, goody. This is such a fun thing for me. Not! Alas, but it must be done. Last night I really strained my brain trying to decide on a color for a sofa, but came up empty handed again. I just can't imagine where my thought processes have disappeared to. I remember being able to make decisions and solve problems rather quickly in my hey day. Now it's actually a rather daunting chore.

The sofa I like the best comes in three obnoxious colors. A lipsticky red, a powdery mocha, and a rather gruesome lettuce? color. You know what lettuce looks like when it's gone past the gooey stage? Yup, that's it. Makes you wonder what furniture designers see when they look at their color charts.

I found another one that I sort of liked - this one is blue. A brighter deeper blue than my carpet. However, I'm not sure that a big blue blob will look good on a blue carpet. So I will keep on looking at sofas, and maybe get lucky and find just the right one for my living room.

Isn't it sad to have such woes? Not to worry. I'm counting my blessings that these are my woes - they could be much worse. It's just that I wanted so to have things looking nice when my friend Snowy arrives in the fall. I guess the bottom line is "be thankful I have a place to live and welcome company into." And for that, I am.

Well, I've managed to chomp off a little piece of your ear this morning. Now I will see about getting dressed and attack the house work. I will leave you with a photo I took of "Spring Rain Showers." Enjoy, and y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Spring Rain Showers"

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