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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Giving A Helping Hand

May 6, 2009

Made a little more progress on the closet today. Not much thought, life keeps getting in the way of work. Had to help one of my dwarfs with a little banking business. He's showing signs of early Alzheimer's and needs help with things like banking, shopping, etiquette, etc. He's been here so long and has no family, and I can't just have him sent to a home, so we look after him. We're sort of like a family here.

However, I did manage to get a few things done. Most importantly, I needed to get to the post office with my precious bundles and get them mailed off. While I was there, I thought it best to buy a bunch of 2 cent stamps so that I could use up all my 42 cent stamps. The price of postage goes up in a week or so. Of course, I bought some more Forever stamps too.

Hey! Guess what??? That fabulous new camera that Miss Edna wants is in stock now, and I have been very very good. Might even treat me to a new lens to help my shaky hands a bit. Mm mm mm, sounds good to me.

Miss Tootsie is on the dog mat now. Yup! She did it again, on the orange scatter rug. I just don't know how to get across to her that this is not as much fun for me as it is for her. She's not looking too thrilled with me just now. Oh well, too bad Harry.

Watch for a new freebie this weekend. I believe I may have a little kit for you. After all, without all of you, I would not be in my own shop now. Don't forget to check on Snow Raven's new kits. This month she has some really beautiful new stuff, with lots more coming. We also have another new designer joining us soon. It's rather exciting to be a part of this wonderful little group of talented and dedicated ladies.

Tonight, I will share a new photograph with you. A new bird was out in the yard at work, so I managed to get a couple of shots. It's a Brown Headed Cow Bird. Gosh, I hope I'm right about that. I don't have a bird book here with me.

Well, I'm off now to do a puzzle and relax before trotting off to my little bed, with my very unhappy little girl. Y'all have a wonderful night.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

Poor Tootsie! We have a similar trouble with Baggle. He prefers the floor outside his box! His vet says sometimes that happens with senior cats. His tummy gets grumbly and he blames the box for making it uncomfortable to use it.

We've cleaned out all our 42 cent stamps. We've been sending bills out with love-stamps. We'll be sending the invitations out for our reception at the end of the month and we'll have to get NEW love-stamps! LOL