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Friday, April 3, 2009

Signs Of Spring

April 3, 2009

Have you noticed the new slideshow up top here? This is the April daily download kit at Magickal Scraps. If you like it and you want it, all you gotta do is join. It's free, and the daily download kit is too. Once April is over, you can get the kit by purchasing it at the shop.

Also new, the whereabouts of the Jukebox. I moved it to the bottom of the page so that the whole thing would be visible. It just drives me crazy when only some of an item is showing.

I popped in to the Little Photoshop to post a Spring photo that I had taken last Spring, end of March. It's a little crocus trying to push it's way up through the debris and the snowdrops.

I have a couple more nice Springy photos I might post, but I have to try for a winning one again. The more I try, the more I learn. Do you think that new camera will make me a better photographer? Gosh, I want that camera so, I dreamed about it the other night. Now that's nuts for you!
While I've been trying to write my post, I'm also chatting on line with Snowy and Su, another forum member. We learn a lot from each other. This is good.
Well, now I'm going to trot myself off to bed with my little girl in tow. Y'all have a great night.
Hugs, Edna B.

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