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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Toys To Play With

April 7, 2009

Yesterday should have been opening day for the Red Sox, but Mother Nature had other plans for them. The game got rained out, so today is our opening day. Right now, the score is 1-1, Boston versus Tampa Bay. Man, I love these Red Sox!

I'm reading over my new "Topsy Turvy" planter to see what else I need to start my garden. I wonder if I can plant one pepper and one tomato in the same planter? It says I can fit in two tomato plants for more tomatoes, so why not one tomato and one pepper?

See that? The score is already 4-1, Boston. How's your team doing, Nani? AI know I'm not the only baseball enthusiast out there. That was another $20 word for you, Snowy.

I haven heard from my friend, Mrs. Manfink, from sunny Florida. I'm hoping all is well you and the mister. My friend, Mary Ann is starting to do much better. She was quite ill this year, and had to forego her trip to our sunny south.

Well, I have another program to play with, thanks to a very good friend of mine. This week, I will get it installed (Vista, behave yourself), so now, I'm looking forward to playing with my new Adobe Lightroom.

I just took a break to find my phone list, but it seems to have disappeared. I tell you - I must have touched it. I have the magic touch -- I touch it, it disappears. Some day I will learn not to touch things.

Poor Tootsie is going crazy looking for her ball. I took it away this morning because she peed on my scatter rug again. When she does that, I tell her "bad girl" and I don't play ball for a while. She doesn't seem to catch on. Poor Baby.

Before I leave to have some supper, I will share another springtime photo with you. I shot this photo through the window at work on a rainy day. Enjoy, and y'all have a great night.

Hugs, Edna B.

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