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Monday, April 27, 2009

Go Red Sox !!!!!!!

April 27, 2009

We are quickly running out of this gorgeous month of April. Even the rain was good, a lot of the reservoirs were down quite a bit. I even finally got a few beautiful blooms in my little garden. I don't know why I call it a garden. It's a patch where I planted some bulbs, and is a bit overgrown, but I love it because it's mine, and right now it' ORANGE! Yup! Orange tulips, and one yellow one. I'll post a picture taken today at the end of this post.

I must have gotten off on the wrong foot with Blogger because they are always messing up my placements on my page, and I don't notice this on anyone else's blog. Other folks get to put pictures within the post, I have to put mine at the bottom. I wonder why that is? I really wish that Blogger would put out a visual manual for mentally inhibited folks like me.

In four days, my brand new, very first digi shoppe will open at Magickal Scraps. I have been working on this for so long, and now it's finally becoming a reality. Of course, there will be a sale, and freebies. I'll be putting up more about this in the next couple of days.

Getting back to the Green stuff - do all of you recycle? That's one of the nice thing about my dwarfs. I insist on recycling all the trash and everything else, and they all pitch in and do their part too. Since we started this, we have very little actual trash, and tons of recycle stuff. Amazing, and it's good for the town too, because the money from the recycle stuff comes back to the town. A win-win situation.

I've been watching my Red Sox play Cleveland tonight. Top of the ninth inning, score 0-0. A very close and exciting game. So what do you think? Will this go into extra innings or what? YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! A three run homer for my fabulous Red Sox!!!!!!!!! And only one out!!
paragrph paragraph paragraph paragraph paragraph HEAR THAT BLOGGER?
Am I excited? Yes, Yes. Do I wish I were there at the game? Yes, Yes. I've only been to one Red Sox game in my whole life, and what a great game it was. At the bottom of the 7th inning we were losing so badly, half the people in the stands had already left. BUT!! In the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs, the Red Sox rallied up and won the game. I was so glad that I was there to see it. Win or lose, we have a fantastic team.
paragraph paragraph paragraph paragraph paragraph ANOTHER ONE BLOGGER
Oh nooooooooo! The Indians just got a run. This can't be. We need two more outs to end the game, definitely not a good time for Cleveland to rally up. I can't stand it! Yes!! Two outs !! Just one more to go!
My fingernails are getting oh so short. And it's 2 balls, 1 strike -- AND A HUGE POP UP !!!!!! RED SOX WIN AGAIN !!!! I can sleep good tonight now.
I need to find out either what I am doing wrong that Blogger does not like, or if there is another place to make blogs. I have re-typed this so many times, and they keep changing all my paragraphs. That' it, I'm off now. Play a little with Tootsie, and fool around on my PC. Y'all have a magnificent night.
I give up
Hugs, Edna B.

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