Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Keeping Busy

June 15, 2021

Good morning.  We did get bits of rain yesterday (small bits), and we may get more today.  It's a good day to stay in and watch "Everything Under $10" on TV.  Which is what I've been doing all morning so far.  Nope, I haven't bought anything, but it has been fun seeing all the great bargains.

Today we have two birthdays.  My grandson, Bobby, and my stepson, Sean.  Happy Birthday guys.  I wish you both a day full of happiness and love.  

I did not get around to making my pasta and meat sauce yesterday, so that's on my agenda for today.  I also want to get my laptop to the repair shop so that they can undo the "S" mode.  But only if I can get it back the same day.  I'll have to give them a call to make sure they have time to do this for me.

Tomorrow I should be getting a grocery delivery from WalMart.  They are putting restrictions on how many of an item I can purchase.  Ex:  If I usually order 6, now I can only order 2.  I wonder what difference it makes how many I buy of an item.  It just means that I have to order more often, which in turn costs more in delivery charges.  Hmmm, am I seeing a motive?   (Or maybe they've run out of some products?  If so, I wonder why they don't just say so.)

Today I'd like to start the new baby blanket, and I think I've decided to stick with the chevron pattern.  It really is quite pretty,  In between cooking pasta and crocheting, I have another bag of junk mail to go through.  (the junk mail may have to wait till tomorrow)

I have some photos of my white roses to share.  

Mother Nature really is beautiful, isn't she?  Now if only I could get my tomato plants to blossom forth with beautiful fruits.  They have been loaded with little yellow flowers (which I thought would be tomatoes) but now I notice that a lot of those little flowers have died.    So far, I don't see any small green tomatoes.  

I've decided that this will probably be the last year that I try growing tomatoes.  I put a lot of effort into them and they don't give me any fruit.  Maybe next year I could try a green bean plant?  

It's time now for me to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till next time, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


R's Rue said...

I’m loving your white roses. Mother Nature delivers beauty in every day. Have a blessed day.

smiekeltje said...

Happy Birthday to Bobby ad Sean.

No idea why you just can order a certain amount of every product. If you have to order more often, it is mch more expensive for you. Perhaps a informative phonecall could solve the question?

Oh, do you have the öld"laptop back already from repair? Perhaps you will not use it anymore, but to have one as "back-up" could be handy(if it works okay and doesn;t get confused by updates)

Oh, it sure can take a little while before you see tiny little green tomatoes starting. Girst the yellow flowers have to die and from there the tomatoes should grow. So may be that takes a bit of time(and patience from you hahaha).
Beans could be nice too to grow, you have sorts you can grow in pots and are low growing(about 60 cms). I tried them this year, but till now no sign of growth from the bean.

Have a lovely day

My Tata's Cottage said...

Happy BIrthday to your guys! JUne is a busy birthday month for us but most all of the months are. HaHaHa
White roses are jsu lovely. I have not had great luck with roses but my late aunt and uncle had two gardens filled with roses. when they passed away my sister took the roses out and laid grass ugh.
I think of all the little babies when I hear you say your making a new baby blanket. My friend Amanda has five kids under age 10 incuding a set of twins. All are boys except the oldest girl. She is expecting natural triplets come November 2021. A blog friend is grandma to brance new twins a girl and a boy. The boy is a happy camper, the girl is ornery already hahaha
It is going to get up to 99 here today. I am not a hot weather fan. I walked to my curb to get trash and recycle cans. Came inside, now I have a headache. The heat and I are not good friends.
I hope you have a blessed week. Take care and love stopping by. HUGS

Buttercup said...

Your roses are beautiful. I haven't done a bit of decluttering paper -- maybe a bit -- and you're inspiring me to put that on my calendar for this afternoon. Did some grocery shopping and have dinner ready, so I'm ahead there. Thanks for the kind words for Pep. He's hopeful the right monkey is just a click away.

Steve Reed said...

Beans might be a good option. Seems like they ALWAYS produce.

Beth Reed said...

Edna, You can turn your S Mode off of your computer easily. Just go to settings and scroll down to S Mode and delete it. Be warned that you might have to read where you can never get it back again if you uninstall it. But who cares right????

Mother Nature is really pretty and Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and yours are gorgeous. So are the pretty white roses. I am sorry about your tomato plants not thriving. The green bean plant sounds awesome. I love green beans.

Have a great day. I want to work on my blog but I need to clean the kitchen before I do anything.... Hugs XOXOXOXO