Sunday, May 2, 2021

Welcome To May

May 2, 2021

Good morning.  Say hello to this beautiful new month!  Happy Belated May Day!  Here's the May page from my calendar.

Well, I have to say that Friday's medical appointments were the best I've had in quite a while.  First we went to the lab to have the blood work done.  The girl drawing the blood was super quick with the needle.  She was in and out with no pain at all.  Then we went to meet with my doctor's nurse practitioner, Judy.  

She turned out to be really nice.  She listened, and talked with you - not at you.  Actually, everyone in this office seems to be really nice.  And all my test numbers came out good.  My blood pressure is a little high so Judy prescribed a new medicine for it.   Later this month, I'll meet my new primary care  doctor.  If she's nice too, then I will have hit the jackpot!  

Friday I also started another pocket wrap.  This one is Raspberry and might be for my cousin Anita.  I took a photo to show you so that I can explain a tip that I forgot to mention when I posted the pattern.  There are a lot of rows to this wrap, so I place a safety pin every twenty rows to help me keep count.  As you can see in the photo, I have a pin in the first and last stitch of the current row, and another pin keeping track of how many rows I've already done.

There's not much of interest on the TV this morning, so I've been watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  It's a really cute children's program.  In a little while, I'll switch over to BUZZR channel.  (old game shows)  I did not turn on the laptop all day yesterday.  So, today I have some catching up to do with my blog reading.  

This morning when I turned on my laptop, it was in a snooty mood, and was not playing nice with me.  I tried to size a photo in Photoshop and for some reason, the program got stuck and would not work.  Nor would it shut off.  I finally had to use the power button to shut off my laptop.  All of this took more than an hour.

When I finally turned the laptop back on, a Windows update was just finishing being installed.  Folks, I'll bet anything that this is the real problem here.  These Windows updates are driving me crazy.  I'm tempted to buy another laptop, but I don't think there's anything wrong with my laptop.  It's Windows that is causing all the problems.

So, that's my news for today.  Hopefully, (laptop willing) I'll be back tomorrow.  Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

So happy your doctor's appoinments till now were with nice people. And yes, if your primary care doctor is nice too, stick to them !
Hmmm, keep a bit track on your bloodpressure. It's good you have a medicin for it, but of course all would be better if you could do without. Did she tell you why your pressure is a bit too high?

It is really more than annoying with your laptop. I ust say(and now i touch all the wood I can find hahaha)till now there is no real problem with Windows updates. I cannot think of anything why your laptop is cting so weird suddenly. I am no help for you in this.

Ha, you made me smile with your safety pins for row counting. I do the same, or often I also put in a short string of another coloured yarn, with just one knot. easy to remove and well marked. I do it on every 10 or perhaps, depending pattern , every 20. And yes, it is easier counting.

Oh, your solar lights you sent with Christmas are working in our garden and they are ever so beautiful!

Now it is sport watching time, so I send you a big hug and wishes for a wonderful day and better behaving laptop(or windows10)


Steve Reed said...

I wonder if there's a way to turn off automatic updates, maybe in preferences? Your computer repair guy might be able to help with that. Then YOU could choose when to run updates, rather than the computer doing it without your permission at an inopportune time.

Glad your medical appointments went well! Wasn't Daniel Tiger on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? I guess this is a spin-off from that?

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's always a good day, when doctor visits go well, and happy to read that yours was smooth sailing.
A beautiful wrap, love that color.
Yes, Windows updates are always the culprit on my computer whoes.
Hope you are having a lovely May day 💓

Suemn said...

I love the color of the new wrap! Those darn computer updates:) I hope your laptop functions okay tomorrow. I have a chromebook as I use it mainly for internet browsing and not a whole lot more.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I was about to suggest that you can set the window updates to Manual or even set them for a certain time say 1:00am. I do not close down my laptop when I am finished for the day. I simply shut the top and go to bed. The reason is I have my laptop set to do updates at 2 in the morning and if by chance I am still on the computer and I have an update that needs to install I can delay it to the next day if I need to. But if I shut my computer down every day or night and then it cannot update then that is when these window updates start to pile up and update at odd times.
Talk to your computer guy and see what he recommends. I don't think that you need a new laptop. I really hope that you don't have to wait much longer before you can talk to him.

Great news on your doctor visits. I know the feeling about how health professionals talk at you verses with you. I see a lot of new faces right now but only one that I have given a thumbs down and I don't have to see him again so it worked out quiet well for me so far. I do miss my doctors in Texas but Nevada doctors so far have been really great to me and very knowledgeable or they will say something like "I completely agree with your doctors in Texas" on things so now I will have to see how my new heart doctor and new kidney doctor rank and I am hoping that I am not going to have issues with them.
My son Matt is here for a few days visiting with us so I will call as I can. Hugs and Love. xoxoxoxo

Theresa said...

Love the May calendar pic! It is nice to have a doctor visit like that. Hope you get you laptop situation figured out. SO annoying to have these problems. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!