Friday, May 7, 2021

Another Day In The Life Of A PEP

May 7, 2021

Good morning.  I'm sleeping late these days.  It's those toasty blankets that are to blame.  Right?  It's 59F degrees right now.  Tomorrow morning it will be ten degrees cooler.  I'm thinking that the warmer temps won't be here for a few more weeks.  And right after that it will be Summer.  

We are becoming a two season world.  We seem go from Winter to Summer and from Summer to Winter.  Spring and Autumn have become very short seasons.  That's really kind of sad because these are two very beautiful seasons.

Enough of my crabbing.  I've been doing a little crocheting, and now both the Luffa and the Raspberry pocket wraps are at least one row past the half mark.  Every now and then I pick one of them up and add a  few rows.  The pink yarn should be here maybe by Tuesday, and I've already thought of one more color that I should have ordered.  Looks like I'll be busy for a while with my wraps.

I found this absolutely adorable image on the web and I just have to share it.  The words "tired" and "nap" seem to define me, and maybe a lot of other folks too.  So, I guess this makes me some form of Permanently Exhausted Pigeon.  (a PEP)

This is definitely me.  In my retirement, I've become a PEP.  Do you suppose it's because I was so busy and was into so many things all my life?  As soon as I stopped being so busy, the bottom fell out of my energy bucket.  Ah well, as long as I don't have to fly too far too fast, I'm okay.

Tomorrow, Deanne and I are going shopping for tomato plants.  And I want a few potted plants too.  It's Mothers' Day this weekend, and I'm going to treat myself to some pretty blossoms for my porch.  

Now I'm going to do a bit of blog reading.  Before I leave, let me share this cute joke.  (It can be found in a children's joke book from Dover Publishing.)

I'm wishing all the Moms out there in Blogger Land a beautiful weekend.  See you Sunday.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Such a pity yout weather still isn't the best one. Today here still not nice, may be tomorrow there is change.
If the weather still remains too cold for the time of year, perhaps turn on the heat for a little while longer.
Oh, some pretty plants for the porch will make your stays there even much nicer. Good idea, and I am thinking also to buy some almost ready grown tomatoe plants.
I love the PEP picture and explanation. I think I am sometimes the OAEP(Often almost exhausted pigeon, hahaha). With better weather in sight, that could better itself also, as well as with you. Let's hope for it.

Have a nice trip to whereever with Deanne in search of beuatiful plants, and a wonderful day, stay safe,

Steve Reed said...

I have read elsewhere that the "transitional" seasons (autumn and spring) are indeed shorter than they once were, at least in terms of moderate temperatures. You're not wrong about that!