Monday, May 3, 2021

Sunshine Is For Kitty Kats

May 3, 2021

Good morning.  It's starting out as a gray morning.  My phone app says today's temps should reach sixty degrees with light rain.  It's a far cry from yesterday's gorgeous sunny warm temps in the low seventies.  

Deanne and Eddie came by yesterday with their grandchildren.  Gosh. the kids are getting so big.  They had a grand time looking for and collecting pine cones.  They took a bag full of them home with them to paint at a later date.

Speaking of pine cones, my yard is layered with pine needles.  Our house cat, Blackie, loves to lay on these needles and roll around in the sun.  Maybe they scratch his back while he is rolling around?  Here's a photo of him from yesterday.  After he rolls around in the needles, he looks up as if to say "Ooh, this feels so good!"

There's not much happening here.  I made a few phone calls yesterday, then ordered the yarn for the third new pocket wrap.  I decided on a light pink.  It's called Ballerina.

These wraps and the baby blanket should keep me busy for a while.  After they are done, I want to look for a new project.  

Have you seen the new Subaru Forester TV commercial with the family of dogs out riding in the car?  It is really adorable.  I love it when the dog driving the truck barks back at the puppy in the car.  This commercial is a breath of fresh air after all the crappy ones that are being aired.

There's not much news for today so I'm going to get a cold bottle of water and enjoy some blog reading.  Till next time, stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Must have been a lovely visit, from Deanne, Eddie and their grandchildren. You can do quite a lot with pinecones and they will have a super time crafting with them. How funny that the cat likes to roll in the pine needles. Porbably you are right that it scratches his back. Did you know they are also awesome to cellect a bit and place them around plants that have too much naked slug visits? Slugs don;t like it!

That is a lovely pink for the new wrap.
Lots of commercials on tv are nt really great and then it is awesome to see that sometimes there are still people with lots of creativity and humor who invent catching, but also funny commercials.

Just back from the garden where I hang up some food for the birds and also cleaned out a little bit our shed. Jan also did some work there and now soon I will have to call the bulky waist collection service from municipality(they pick up for free) and make an appointment. It will be good to get rid of some useless stuff, like old wood, lots of plastic pots, old wooden folding chairs etc.

Hope you will have soon again some warmer weather(here it isn't the case yet)
Have a wonderful day,

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sounds like your weather is similar to ours today, not too hot.
Your kitty is having fun rolling in those Pine needles, our Tom-Tilly rolls in the mulch and then insists on bring it into the house :)
Lovely color of the yarn, yes, you should be quite busy for some time.
Have a wonderful week Ms. Edna !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We like that dog commercial too! It's cute...and fun! And we've driven Subarus for many years and like them. Enjoy your day sweet lady! Can't go wrong with a pretty shade of pink...we ALL love pink!