Friday, June 28, 2019

What A Gorgeous Morning!

June 28, 2019

Good morning.  Tis a beautiful morning here in New England.  At least for now.  Pretty soon it will be too hot to sit outside.  It will be close to ninety degrees by early afternoon.  That's okay though.  Pogo and I can sit out on the porch at least until then.

What a surprise I got this morning when the electric company showed up to shut off the power to my house.  They thought the gutters were being done today.  What????  I put in a call to the gutter company to tell them and they said they would get back to me.  So far no one has called me back, but the electric company guys did leave a while ago. 

Yesterday afternoon, Deanne came by for a visit.  Then in the evening, DIL Janet came by.  What a great day this turned out to be.  I love it when my girls come by.  Obviously Pogo loves it too.  He's definitely a ladies man.

Did you know that by leaving a tray of fresh coffee grounds in the refrigerator, it will get rid of any bad smells?  Yup!  The coffee  grounds neutralize any smells.  Wowsie, I did not know that!  I just heard that on the TV Program "Common Sense."

I have some wonderful news to share.  Our Jazzy has been invited to the West Point Military Academy Ball, a very prestigious and formal event.  Her lifelong friend Cole is a cadet there.  (they met first in kindergarten and have been friends ever since)   The ball is July 26, and we are all very excited for her. 

Oh my goodness!  Pogo's new bed just came in the mail.  Wow, I think he likes it!  I will have to take some photos and post one here on Sunday.  No matter where he flops in it, it is just so comfy! 

I found this image on the web and had to borrow it to share here.  This is me to a tee!  Every one of these items applies to me!  How about you?

I found another cute image that speaks a lot about my days.  I imagine it refers to a lot of us from time to time.

Now I think Pogo and I will go out to the porch for a while before it gets too hot.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I love the spoil pet test. it's me and my fur babies. (lol) All you have to do is keep them clean and bathed. I always said, fur babies aren't nasty, it's the owners if they are not clean. My son gave our fur babies a good bath last night. yes, they sleep in our beds, sit on the sofa and I make sure their bed are always clean. Their floor pads are always smelling good. I use the liquid fabric softner instead of the dryer sheets and it keep the blankets fresh til the next washing. We love our babies. I know Pogo are happy with his bed. They seem to enjoy new thigs like little children. I always call him the best dressed fur baby that I've ever seen. (lol) I talk about him all the time. It's so hot here, mine can't wear too many clothes now. They do in the winter. Hope you and Pogo have a great day.

Beth Reed said...

I am so happy to hear that Pogo enjoys his bed. I think that it is perfect for him. He looks like he is very Happy!

We actually hit the hundred degree mark today I heard. I didn't look at the weather to know if we did or not.
I was able to get in touch with our land lady and she was lucky to get us an appointment for that horrible noise our air conditioner was making. He did a through job of checking everything. Thankfully it wasn't serious.

I think that I will go to bed. My stomach is feeling a bit queasy. Talk to you tomorrow... Give Pogo lots of love from me.. Hugs to you my sweet friend... xx Beth

Theresa said...

OOPS, happy that they didn't cut the power. Too hot for no air. Visits are always nice and make you feel loved, right? Jazzy will enjoy the ball SO much! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

Oh, that spoiled pet test did ally to me for about 70%(and I don;t have a pet nowadays). Second image sometimes applies to me too! LOL.
Hey, did it all turn out well, after the misunderstanding between the power company and the gutter company?? Good they didn;t cut the power right away!
You try to get some photos of Jazzy and her friend when going to the ball hey?
May be you can buy next year already grown tomatoeplants and then you will have tomatoes probably earlier in the year without having to do so much effort???? Now isn;t that a good idea????
Lovely you get so often visits from Deanne (and her family) and Janet too.
It is kind of reassuring to me to, you are being watched hahaha!
But you know what I mean, I hope
Now have to make a post on my blog.
Take care, have a wonderful week, give Pogo a cuddle.