Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Few Fun Facts

June 26, 2019

Good morning.  The sun keeps trying to poke its face out but the gray clouds are making it difficult.  Temps will be in the high seventies today.  A very comfy day indeed. 

I'm working on gathering enough energy to go shopping for bird seed.  We're running low, and I don't like to run out.  Plus, it's been a while since Pogo has been out shopping and he is looking forward to seeing everybody at the store. 

Audrey sent me a photo of her and her two grandchildren.  They all were together over this past weekend, and everyone had a fabulous time.  Awesome photo, Audrey.

Do you love macaroni and cheese?  Well, it seems that a good portion of the world's population loves it.  In fact, in Canada, Kraft's boxed mac and cheese is the unofficial national dish.  Per capita, Canadians eat more of it than Americans do. 

Another tasty fact:  Thomas Jefferson tried macaroni in France and loved it so much that he imported a pasta machine and parmesan cheese from Italy.  He served his version of "macaroni pie" at the White House in 1802, and his handwritten recipe for macaroni is at the Library of Congress.

Aren't you glad you popped in here today?  I love passing all these little known facts on to everybody.  Ever wonder why a  book of maps is called an Atlas?  It's because the earliest books of maps had a picture of Atlas holding the world on his back on the cover.

I found this adorable image on the web and just had to share it here.  I just love how animals always take care of each other.  We can learn a lot from our animals.

I just realized that today is Wednesday.  Now I'm wondering where Tuesday went.  Time seems to be slipping by me a bit too quickly some days.  However, it does explain how I missed my Tuesday program on TV.  Gee, and I was looking forward to watching them tonight.

I just got a message that the new gutters are going on next Wednesday.  That means that the electric company will be here to shut off the power to the house for several hours.  Hopefully, it will only be for three or four hours.

I've been watching the Weather Channel and it says that a large portion of the country is going to be having sweltering temperatures.  Folks, please think of your animals.  They can't survive any better in that heat than we can. 

Also, before walking your dogs, test the ground with your bare skin.  If it's too hot to keep your bare skin on the sidewalks and streets, then it is way too hot for the pads on your doggies feet.  They will burn.  Please take notice of this. 

Now I'm going to get dressed and hopefully set out to do a bit of shopping with Pogo.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

It made me smile to read you looked at the link of the Eagle, thought so you would like it.
Oh, those d........d things we have to do on our houses! often it are things you don;t even notice but are very necessary and most of the time are expensive. But, as you said, you will have awesome gutters in a few weeks LOL!
Great photos of the critters in your gardenl Those blue jays are so lovely!
Glad you have also some good weather, perhaps a bit too warm, but with some airco and so you can handle it, isn;t it? And yes, it is the best to do the shopping early mornings when the weather is real warm. And I know it isn;t easy to get energetic that early in the morning(I have the same, ROFL), still, if you are already awake early, then take advantage of it, just for once and all other days you can do it easy peasy.
Have a lovely rest of the week,

Annsterw said...

Thanks for always teaching me something new! Enjoy your day Miss Edna!

Beth Reed said...

Edna, I am so glad to hear you have a start date for the gutters. Will they still be able to install the gutters if it rains?
A really great photo of Audrey and grandkids. We do love our grandchildren. I need to call Audrey. You know how ill I have been and just you and Patsy have had calls from me lately. Just have to get back into my routine.

I love the images from the web. I was going to reply to your blog about the barcodes because I haven't found anything that displays the OO-09 code. I will most definitely be checking the barcodes out. I thank you for the information.

Give Pogo my love. I have to go and rest for a little while... Hugs my friend xx Beth

Angelicastar said...

I've already been grocery shopping this morning. I bought my ribs and sausage for my 4th of July bbq. I did find my items at bargain prices today. I waited for the sales to start today Wednesday and I am so glad I did. The ribs were 1.27 a pound and the sausage was 4.99 for a family pack(eckrich brand) I finally founded some great watermelon that is red and sweet. I will go back to Kroger on Wednesday and buy the potato salad. It's a bit too early to buy it.

So glad you're getting your gutters. I think I was cheated out of gutters when they built this home because they only put some on the front. The back and sides don't have any. You know we complain when we have to do things to our homes but when you have rented you enjoy everything you do to your own home. When you rent, they repair enough to get by and not enough for that. I tried to tell my sister that and she finally listen and bought her a home. You don't have to live in a place that's not fit for anyone to live in. That's what happen when you rent. I tried it and hadn't rented in years and was so disgusted I had to leave that alone and buy me a home. We can see where our money is going also. Hope you and Pogo have a great day

Theresa said...

Yes, it is hot here and the animals certainly need to stay cool just like us! Enjoy your day dear friend, today is THURSDAY... where did Wednesday go:) HUGS!