Sunday, June 2, 2019

Oh Dear, Time To Get Friendly With The New Laptop

June 2, 2019

Good afternoon.  Today I just did not feel up to getting up.  I did get up so that Pogo could go out into the house to get his turkey treat from Joe.  But then it was back to bed.  Lately it seems to use too much air to move around. 

Last night I started thinking back to when all of this problem began.  Nothing in my life has changed except for my big oxygen concentrator.  So I shut off the big concentrator and used my portable concentrator.  Of course, that meant that I wouldn't be sleeping for very long periods because of the battery running out of power.  I had to plug it in every so often to keep the battery going. 

I think I feel a bit better, but I won't know for another day or two.  Meanwhile I'm going to have to look into buying a bigger battery (for going out)  and see if there's another way to charge the batteries.  Right now, the batteries have to be on the concentrator and plugged in for charging. 

Today, I want to put up the June page from my calendar.  Gosh, I can't believe that summer is only days away.  

For some reason, I'm having problems trying to upload images here.  It just took almost ten minutes to upload this calendar page.  Sigh.......

My yellow irises look so pretty once they start blooming.  Alas, as soon as they blossom, a lot of them fall over.  I picked a few of them and took this photo.  Aren't they beautiful?  I just wish they could stand up and live a little longer. 

I just tried to upload a new quick page, but it's not happening.  I'll try again tomorrow.  I'm not understanding what is wrong with this laptop, so I'm going to have to make friends with the new one really soon. 

That's all for today.  I'm going  to make something to eat for Pogo and myself.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


My Tata's Cottage said...

You are like my sweet Avery! My knee bugs me and I feel so guilty. I hate when you can not breathe. That is how the hubby was. Today we went out to lunch with Rebekah and Zach. We tried their new lunch, all you can eat soup and salad with Cheddar Bay Biscuit's. It was yummy. Zach has been watching his trim figure, so he had a power bowl. It was yummy looking with fresh salmon. Y U M ! The new doctor, a Pulmonary specialist really made things easier for my Sweets. He ate a great lunch even ordering a second salad and I am here to say, I was so concerned for him these past two months.
feel better so you can enjoy your beautiful flowers. Oh my friend, summer is nearly here.
HUGS and PRAYERS for you always xo

Theresa said...

My Dad used oxygen and had one of the big guys in the house and a smaller one for going out. I hope you get it all figured out, gotta have the air! I have been having trouble with the pictures loading, SLOW AS MOLASSES:( And, no I haven't bought a new computer in case you were about to ask:) Beautiful Irises, mine are about to bloom:) Can't wait! Enjoy your day dear friend, I hope it is a good one! HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

It would be something if your breathing problem is caused by your new oxygen concentrator. Of course there comes then a new problem, how to get another one of another brand.
May be you could talk about it with your doctor?
Oh, you did left a comment on my blog the orhter week, only I published them just now on my blog, so there isn;t anything wrong with your memory!
And my be your irishes need support to not fall over ( there are those supports round ones, that are put on just one stick and they are really good!)
Now on to your next posts.