Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tis A Fuzzy Fuzzy Morning

December 7, 2016

Good morning.  So far this morning it's quite gray outside.  Today and tomorrow the temperature might get up into the low 40's, but then we'll stay in the low to mid 30's (daytime) for a while.  I'm not a great fan of the cold, but waking up in the morning with my little guy snuggled against me really makes me thankful for being here. 

I found this Aunty Acid image on the web an borrowed it to share here with you.  I try to think this way because between deteriorating health, and so many of those around me passing on, I find there aren't too many folks left in my age group  (near dinosaur)

Folks, I think this is for today/  I took one of my meds a little while, and now all my typing is coming up.  Nuerons or whatever those things are called are spinning whirl things and making me dizzy.  Plus the keys on the laptop have been dancing up and down all aver mu without my permission.  I will see you tomorrow when I am not so blurry.

Hug, EdnaB


LV said...

Mercy, trust you are a doing better. Perhaps the medication is to strong. I definitely agree with being thankful for each day I get up.

Unknown said...

Edna Honey I am so very sorry that your sick. I am so sorry that I called and really hope that I didn't disturb you when I called. I was at Walmart and Karyn and I found the cutest little thing for Pogo from Santa Cisco and I and I had a question about it. It is a little too late to ask now because I bought it. There was a lot of discussion and then we had to narrow it down to 3 and then we had to choose the one we liked best out of the 3. Karyn and I chose the exact same one. So she is included in Pogo's gift as well.

I have to take pictures of my tree and I bought my Christmas Cactus. I chose one that had a lot of blooms on it because once they flower they won't bloom again for a long while. It is a lovely pink. Oh I had a big decision there too... white, red, purple, and pink. I almost chose the red one but I seen that they had the pink with lots of buds yet to bloom so I chose that one instead.

Once home I separated some of my things and then I took yours and Pogo's Christmas to the office and used the gift center to wrap your gifts. I had to get them ready for Karyn to take to the post office for me on Friday. You would be proud Edna, I walked all the way to the office and back with my walker. It is not that hard of a walk and actually it was quiet nice.

I stopped to talk to the girls in the office and we can now take our dogs to the office. They have a doggie station set up as well so that there is drinking water and bones. I am not sure that I think that it is a good idea to have the same bowl of drinking water for all the dogs to share however. Isn't that how they can get Kennel Cough and Parvo and Distemper?

I will close for now. I think that I am going to lay down for a rest before Jonathan gets home. I bought things to make hamburgers for dinner tonight but Nathan just brought some dinner home for us tonight so I am sure that there is no need for me to cook.

Rest up Edna, and feel better soon. I really am sorry that your not feeling well. I won't call you. You call me when you get to feeling better, that way I will not interfere if your sleeping and resting. Give my boy a hug and kiss... Love Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Do you have it often when ou take your meds that your are fee,ing blurry or dizy? Or is it a painkiller that you took? Then I can understand.
I suppose we should be thankful each day to wake up again. Only it happens every now and then that it doesn;t feel that way LOL.
I better start my post on my blog, and then I will go out for some shopping for the weekend groceries.
Have a wonderful day, hope your meds helped and that soon you will feel better.