Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting Back On Track

December 9, 2016

Good morning.  Goodness, I slept late and never even heard my phone ring.  I was supposed to be up early because Cliff was coming by to do some work for me.  Shame on me!  Thankfully, I have since heard from him and he is willing to come by in a little while. 

Yesterday, my doctor called to say that another new med was called in to the pharmacy for me.  So, later today I'll have to go pick it up.  First I'll call the pharmacy to make sure the insurance covered it.

I spent some time on my laptop yesterday working on some new quick pages, and I addressed another batch of envelopes.  Got to keep the mailman busy!  On my way to the pharmacy later today, I'll stop by the Post Office to mail off my first few packages.  Woo Hoo!  I just might get everything done on time!

I also called the shooting instructor to re-schedule our appointment (mine and Dee's) at the range.  Hopefully, in a few weeks my wrist will be much better and I'll be able to hold and shoot a gun again.  So I guess all in all, yesterday was a rather productive day for me. 

Today I have two Christmas quick pages for you.  Have fun with them.

Here are your download links:

I'll be keeping this post short so that I can get dressed before Cliff gets here.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Oh, Edna!

With personal and medical problems of my own, I really haven't done any blog reading to speak of in October or November. So now that I'm catching up a little bit I'm just reading about your fall and the broken elbow. I feel so neglectful and unsupportive. I'm so sorry! I hope the brace and the RIGHT medication for you will help.

Your reaction to that medicine sounds scary! I definitely know what you mean about how scary that kind of thing can be when you're home alone. I found out with my last MRI that I don't react well to oxycodone. I had about every side effect that you can have from it. Now fortunately for that one I wasn't home alone… I was just crammed in an MRI tube what I started feeling the side effects. I do totally agree that the insurance company should never be able to pick your medicines for you. If we're expected to listen to our doctors why isn't the insurance company? It’s shameful.

Thanks for the beautiful quick pages! The creative part of my brain is working on an idea and That will incorporate a few of them. When I figure out what my brain is doing, I'll let you know.

Some of my problems are getting fixed up and I'm going to be more attentive to the things I enjoy seven: like reading my friends’ blogs!

Hugs, big warm loving hugs, Nani

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

The Quick Pages are just lovely. I love them both. Thank you so much. They will make cute Christmas pages. Perhaps that great picture of Pogo that I have!

I am so glad that you have a new medication. It is obvious that the other one was definitely not something that you should take. I am that way with hydrocodone. My body reels and makes me so very sick. My genetic report shows that is one that my system cannot handle. Too bad that the doctors do not listen to the patient and has to have a written report to verify what I have been saying every time that they give it to me.

We had our first freeze and yesterday and this morning too I swore that I saw snow flurries and when I was reading our local news they said that part of the Hill country had sleet and snow flurries. It is good to know that I wasn't just seeing things like I thought that I was.

I am going to bed. I have had a long day and not really a good one. But 2 things did get done. My book shelf is up and one of my plaques has been repaired. Just waiting the 24 hours for it to dry before I can hang it.

The maintenance man came out to look at a place in my kitchen floor that is coming up and he examined my entire apartment and found several bubbles so the floor is under warranty and the company will come back out and fix the floor. In order to do so we have to move all furniture out of all the rooms so they can bring in the machine to fix the floors. Two places in the kitchen, one in the hall, one in the dining area and 2 in the living room. And just think, I only saw one bad place. I am glad that he discovered them now. We will get a letter in the mail as to when the company will be out to do the work.

I am going to say goodnight. I just can't stay awake any longer... Lots of hugs to you my sweet little Pogo. Love Beth and Cisco...

smiekeltje said...

So good to read you are yourself again and that you don't have any nasty reactions anymore from the meds Now hoping the new one will do the job, without any side effects!
I think you will get all things done in time for Christmas for sure.. I hope you can take someone with you when you have to mail more packages. You must be careful with your arm ansd wrist!
Hmmm, I will have to write a few cards this weekend so I can post them on time.
Okay, time to get dressed and make coffee.
Have a lovely day,

FussBudget said...

Oh, these two QPs are so cute. I'm going to use the dog one for, well, my dog. Ha! The Santa and reindeer one I'll use for the best photo I take of Christmas activities this year. Thank you so much.