Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oh Dear, My TV Is Sick!!

December 13, 2016

Good morning.  Gosh, I fell asleep super early last evening, and of course I was awake super early this morning!  It seems like I've been up for hours.  (Well, I have!!!  Duh!!)   Unfortunately, I've had to spend quite a bit of my time this morning shopping on-line for a new TV.  Sometime after midnight, the screen on my TV went black.  It has sound but no picture.   

I do have a TV in my bedroom that maybe I could move out to the living room for now.  I'll have to see if Eddie or Cliff can move it and hook it up for me.  Gosh, it's always something!!

Yesterday, Kevin came by and took me and a load of packages to the Post Office.  I just have a few more packages to get ready for mailing, but I have a day or so to get them done and in the mail.  Wow, talk about cutting it close!! 

Cliff just called me and said that he will be here in about a half hour or so to bring my other TV out to the living room and hook it up.  Yeaaaaahhhh!!!   Gosh, I feel so much better now. 

I did have a follow up appointment today with my orthopedic doctor, but I cancelled it and rescheduled it for two weeks from now.  I only needed to go today if my wrist wasn't healing, but I do think it is trying to heal.  It's not painful all the time now.

Here's a photo of what my amaryllis plant should be looking like right about now.  However, because it seems to want to grow all year long, there is no bloom for this winter.  This blossom is from another year.

I also want to share a really adorable Christmas card that I came across.  If this doesn't warm your heart, then I don't know what would.  This is just so precious.

I'm listening to the shopping channel (on my dead TV) and they are selling GoVision sun glasses that take HD videos and still photos, and hook up to your cell phone via blue tooth.  Now this sounds like a fun toy.

Well, that's my news for this morning.  It's time for me to get dressed before Cliff gets here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Ohhhhhh Edna,
So sorry to hear of your tv. It reminds me of the conversation that we had when Amazon had that 27 inch on their voice over automation sales event for $119.00 dollars. Too late now darn it... I hope that the other TV works wonderfully for you.

I am really glad that you have Eddie and Cliff to help you. How is your arm and wrist feeling? My right elbow is still painful for some reason. I see my new doctor tomorrow and will address it with her.

Oh Edna, the other day I went with my walker down to the office and wrapped yours and Pogo's presents and I wore a pair of dark blue slacks, a black top and a black sweater with my neck scarf that you made me. It really popped with all of that black and the women in the office were in awe of my neck scarf and I had to take it off so they could all look at it and they were in love with it and especially the pin. It is really nice and it is just cold enough here that it really makes dressing up to take a walk a lot of fun.
I am wearing it again today. I have to go to the office today and check on why I keep getting billed for our water when we pay it with the rent and then later on about 3 days later I am getting a late notice. I need to check on that.

Nathan is home with me until 4 today. He is working the evening shift and we have some house chores I need help with. They got my floor fixed yesterday but I can't mop until Thursday which will throw me off schedule so I will just skip it and wait until Friday.

Have a splendid day and I hope that you get your tv set up and all is well with it. That really has to bum you out! I know that it would for me. Give Pogo love from Cisco and Me and have a great day! Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

That is not good news about your tv.! et Cliff take a look at it, perhaps he can get back the normal screen for you by some magic?
And if not, well, then I am glad to know you still have another one for the moment.
And I hope you will get a new one soon and that may be Cliff or Eddie or even kevin can come over to install it for you( with nowadays tv's there are always some tricky menu-things to do before you get it all right.
But i know the feeling you have saying "there always is something".
There are times that it seems all the time things happen you don't ask for or that are not forseen at all.
I cross fingers that your tv issue will be solved real quick and that you will have a quiet ending of the year!!
Good news though a bit about your wrist If it doesn;t hurt anymore all the time it may heal slowly indeed. Yippee!!
Have a wonderful day and good tv result!!!

The Queen Jester said...

Hmmmm, so your TV suddenly decided it wanted to be a radio. Well that's not good. I just ordered a special of nine Mel Brooks movies that play on a Blu Ray player. Not sure if what I have will play them, but if it doesn't I'll have to get a Blu Ray player. Yup, big Mel Brooks fan. Nobody can make me laugh like those do.

Hope things work out nice with ordering the new TV. I find myself doing almost all my shopping online now, hate having to go into the stores, especially during this season.

Take care. Stay warm.