Friday, December 2, 2016

Little By Little, I'm Getting A Few Things Done

December 2, 2016

Good afternoon.  It's been a busy morning here, but I finally got my health insurance taken care of.  Till next Fall, that is.  Then I'll probably have to start all over again.  Yeesh!!

I'm trying to think what I did yesterday, but nothing seems to be coming to mind.  I guess that just shows how exciting my life is lately.  Hmmm, well I did wash some dishes.  And I cooked supper for Pogo.  When I napped or slept, Pogo was snuggled right up against me or on me.  Now that I'm wearing a splint, he doesn't go very far from my side.  Here's a photo I just took of Pogo.  That look of despair on his face is because he does not like me to take his photo.

Last night, daughter Audrey called me.  She loves her bracelet (I'll share a photo of it on my next post) and she sent me photos of some gorgeous roses that she got for her birthday, and one of her wearing a new tee shirt. 

She also got a bouquet of yellow roses mixed with white lilies.  Beautiful!  Just like her!!  (I know, I'm tooting my horn again!  But I just can't help myself!)

Today, Joe has a vacation day, so he cleaned up and bagged all the leaves in the yard.  The bags are now all out on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up tomorrow.  Now my wrist is beginning to ache again, so I think I'll give it a rest and maybe have a little nap.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Oh Edna,
What gorgeous Roses. Love the t-shirt that Audrey is wearing. I am so glad that she had a good Birthday and I knew she was going to love the bracelet.
I cannot believe that Pogo let you take his picture... That sweet little boy is just so adorable.

I really hate to make this so short but I have to get up and move around some. I have been sitting since I got up and need to move around so I can get my circulation moving..

I will speak to you soon. Extra Hugs for you and Pogo today. Oh I am glad that you liked his scrap page. I thought that photo of him was just too sweet to pass up... Now I have a new one.... Take care of that wrist hon... Love, Cisco and Beth

LV said...

Take care and may your wrist heal soon. I understand what you are going through.

smiekeltje said...

Lovely flowers of Audrey and isn;t she looking good in that T-shirt??
Glad the health insurance is taken care of. So at least you can be relaxed for a year.
Now you need your wrist heal quickly so you'll be soon in tip top shape again.
It will need a bit of patience(and that is so hard at times LOL), but one day it will be healed and great again
Pogo is an artist in mimic. Just with a look he can tell you whole stories hahaha
I went to the market yesterday, have bought some cheese, a cauliflower(I think we can eat for 3 meals from that one), some mandarines, some meat in a shop nearby the market. So all together a good time spending.
Later I made dinner for Jan, so that it only needed to be warmed up in the oven.
So today i think I will be just out for a moment and then do some things in the house.
Have a lovely day,

The Queen Jester said...

Your little guy is always dressed so dapper. I see a lot of dogs in the dog park here, but many wear the same thing over and over. They just don't have the extensive wardrobe Pogo does.
Glad that the wrist is getting better, not that that slowed you down one bit.
Take care...keep feeling better and enjoy those doggy snuggles on these cold nights.