Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's Drippy Nose Time Again!!

December 6, 2016

Good morning.  Well, it's still cold outside, but the sun is shining.  Technically, Winter starts in a couple of weeks.  So I guess this is as good as it will get for a few months.  Ah, but the bright side is that I'm still here to complain about it!!

Today's post will be a bit short because I slept in late this morning, and I have to go out to pick up my meds and another supply of tissues.  My system seems to be trying to fight off a cold or a bug, and my nose has started this "drippy" thing.  So before my nose turns completely red, I need to replenish my supply of Puffs.

Yesterday, I got busy with some wrapping and boxing.  Unfortunately, right off the bat, I did not have the boxes that I need.  During the summer, I went on a cleaning spree, and well, I knew I'd regret throwing out all my boxes.  Now I have to buy more.  I did, however, manage to get three packages ready for mailing. 

Pogo's letter to Santa goes out in this morning's mail.  Here's what he is asking Santa for this year.

With folding steps like this, maybe Pogo will be able to climb up on to the big sofa all by himself, and he won't have to wake me up in the middle of the night.  Hmmm, it might work!

I have a new photo of great granddaughter Alena to share.  Here she is in her new pink cowgirl outfit.  She's four now and she goes to preschool.  Goodness, methinks she'll break a few hearts one day.

Now I really must get busy and get ready to leave for the store.  I don't want to be out very long.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

Alena is gorgeous and your right. I do think that she will break a lot of hearts one day! She looks so cute in her little pink cowgirl outfit. Love those boots!

I am so sorry that your fighting off a cold. Yes I know what you mean about re-stocking your Puffs. I did that on Saturday. They were out of Puffs but I got a couple of boxes of Scotties. They are not by anyway soft and smooth as Puffs but I knew I had to get some kind as I didn't know when I could go back to the store and if I did get a chance to go then it would be the one thing that I would forget to buy.
I have been meaning to pick up a box of salt for 2 months now. I finally remembered to get it the other day. I was like Whew.... good thing that I remembered as I was shaking the box to get the last dredges of it out of the box. I tend to forget things like toothpicks and matches as well. I got the toothpicks but forgot the matches. I never know when I might need to light a few candles!

The rain has cleared out and the sun is shining with just a few stray clouds. I went out to feed the birds and the wind was blowing the pieces away. It is strong out there. It is possible that it could blow me away lol.

I threw away some of my boxes too when we moved. If they were too small to pack anything in then I had to throw them away. Now that I need them it is with regret that I don't have them. Most of the kids Christmas stuff is already wrapped. It is a small Christmas and you know what scrooges they are but they will have something under my little tree to open. I would just settle to have all my kids home for Christmas but I know that is not going to happen this year.

I do hope that you feel better soon. I will be thinking of you and Pogo with love. I love the steps. I sure hope that he will use them. So far Cisco has been using the make shift plastic tub to get up and down when he wants to. Most of the time he just looks at me and I take him to the tub and THEN he will get on it and into the bed. Silly boy.

Talk to you soon. Hugs to you both from us. Love Cisco and Beth

The Queen Jester said...

What a beautiful little girl...such a smile!

I'll bet that Pogo gets those steps for Christmas, since he's been such a good doggie all year. Those look like a great idea and with a little tread so it's not slippery.

smiekeltje said...

Soprry you are fighting a dripping nose. Hope it will not turn into a real nasty cold Be careful, okay?
Little Athena looks adorable and yes, she might turn into a beautiful young lady and many boys will turn their head to look at her again!
Good idea of those steps for Pogo and they perhaps can serve you as well at times you need something from a high shelf.
I did send my bo to yo on Monday, so I am curious to see how long it will take. I guess, it will be more than on time
Have a wonderful day.