Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Busy, Busy Weekend

December 11, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but ooooowee it is too cold for me!  We are barely into the low 20's this morning.  I do love the Christmas season, but I can't wait for Spring to get here!

Well, it's been busy around here.  Yesterday, Cliff came by to do a few things for me.  There are lots of little things that need doing before being clobbered by Winter.  Putting hoses away, turning off outside water, covering the faucets, covering and putting away lawn furniture, weather stripping door frames that have settled, etc, etc.  He also covered the front of my porch with heavy duty plastic. 

The list of chores is never ending when you have a house.  This morning I thought of a couple more things to put on the house "to do" list.  While Cliff was busy outside, I was busy wrapping and boxing gifts.  I was doing pretty good until I discovered that I had wrapped one gift and put the wrong tag on it.  Oops!!  That could have been disastrous! 

I also did a bit of on-line shopping yesterday.  Basically, I'm pretty much done with the shopping part.  There are only a couple more things that I need to get (as soon as I figure out what they are!).  Most all my cards have been addressed and put in the mail, so I'm in pretty good shape.

Today, I'm hoping to get a lot more of the wrapping finished.  I'd like to get all my "mail away" boxes to the post office by the middle of the week.  That's my goal right now. 

My next big project will be to shop for airline tickets for my trip to Florida, and maybe a new suitcase.  The suitcase is a "maybe" item.  I am going to try to learn how to pack for two weeks in just a carry on bag.  Now that would be a big help for me. 

Every year, I try to downsize what I have to carry when I travel.  I may be travelling alone this year, so this is very important.  One suitcase, one tote bag and one doggie travel case. That's about all I can handle.

Now on to some fun stuff.  I dug out one of the Christmas scrap kits from a few years ago when I was designing collab kits with my friend Su.  This kit is my part of the collab.  I hope you can use it for some of your holiday scrap pages.

Here are your download links:

Now I'm off to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee, and then it's back to the "wrapping" table.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

It has been a lazy day for me for sure. It is just now almost 8:30 pm and I have slept a good portion of the day. I have been so tired and I know that part of it is my medication. It is strictly to pull my heart rate down so that will make me tired, but today was just a day to be filled with pure laziness. Even Cisco cuddled with me and took a good nap.

I am so glad that Cliff was able to take care of a few things for you. Your right, the list never ends when you have a home. Even apartment living has it's own things that has to be checked on often. It is time to get a new filter for our heating and cooling system. I had Joey check it Thanksgiving and he said that it really didn't look bad but I think that I will have the maintenance man come out and change it when he comes with the floor people. I loved how he said I would get a letter in the mail on the days they were coming and then yesterday come to tell me that they will be here Monday or Tuesday. I hope that they will be finished as I have to go to the doctor on Wednesday and it might be an all day thing.

You take care of the arm and wrist as your trying to wrap presents. I am sending your Christmas box out this week so I will let you know what day that I go to the Post Office...
Much hugs to you and Pogo.... Love, Cisco and Beth. Cisco said to tell his pal Pogo Woof Woof!!! (Smile).....

smiekeltje said...

Yes, you really have been busy and you keep Cliff busy too LOL.
Well, it is a good feeling to be on time track and have the things done you want to.
I am with you about the season I love Christmas time, and part of it is the colder temps, but I am not a b ig fan of those. Must say that at the moment it still isn;t really bad, think we are around 7 C at daytime and no frost at night Pretty good hey?
I will go and post some cards today, so that will be done too.
Jan will leave shortly for a check-up and result(MRI) appointment with his doctor at the hospital. If he feels up to it may be he will take a stroll at the market or through city centre. Looks to be friendly weather for now At least at the moment sun is peeping out.
When he is away, may be that is a good time to vacuum clean and then later i will do the cards
Take care, don't strain your arm and wrist too much.
Have a wonderful day

Nani said...

You're a couple steps ahead of me, which you usually are. Normally I think the winter hits New England hard before it hits Toledo so that's okay. Except that we had 10 inches of snow at the airport yesterday. I guess this year it's our turn to be first. LOL David is out shoveling in the apron of our driveway so that it doesn't refreeze and turning to ice. It's 36° and drippy out! Yeesh. The saddest thing is school Is canceled for most of the districts in the area and there's going to be slush the kids to make snowmen.

I'll do my wrapping and packaging this week and David is getting the label paper for Christmas cards this evening. We're almost on schedule. I actually don't know whether to say "Finally" or to be afraid I've forgotten something!

I hope your arm is feeling better and keeps improving; don't over do it with the wrapping and stuff, and I know that's hard. I don't even listen to my own warnings about not overdoing it, :)

Have a fantastic day!
Hugs, Nani