Monday, December 26, 2016

I Hope Everyone Had A Wonderful Christmas

December 26, 2016

Good morning.  Gosh, I hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as mine and Pogo's was.  In the wee hours of the night, I had a nice chat with Santa while he warmed up with a cup of hot cocoa.  Then he was off on his journey again, and I drifted off  to sleep for a while. 

Early in the morning, Pogo and I had a fun time opening our presents.  Oh my, between Santa, our friends, and our family, we were pleasantly spoiled.  Santa brought Pogo the steps he had asked for, and a huge fuzzy blanket.  Need I tell you that Pogo spent most of the day curled up on his new blanket?  I do believe he loves it! 

I helped Pogo go up and down his new steps a few times, and he managed to go down them a couple times by himself.  But, it will take some time for him to get used to using them, especially going up them. 

Here are a few more photos of Pogo with some of his wonderful presents.  I have more photos, but they are not all cropped yet.

Have you noticed the one constant in all of his photos?  Yup, the new blanket.  He did not go very far from it all day.  Pogo also got a roll of Blue Wilderness doggie food, (thank you Nani) and actually ate a plate of it for breakfast.  I did take a photo, but just as the camera clicked, Pogo turned his head.  Yup, a super photo of a blur.  That's my boy!!

Myself, I got so many wonderful things too, but I'll save that for tomorrow's post.  I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts.  I am so blessed to have such awesome friends and family.  (Pogo is part of family)

Joe has been away with his family since Saturday, and just got home a little while ago.  After feeding Pogo his turkey treat, he was busy opening his Santa and friends gifts.  Right now, he is munching away on a piece of chocolate, and is enjoying it very much.  Kyra, Joe says thank you so much.  Last year, he shared a bit of his chocolate, but this year he is keeping it all for himself!  haha.

Now I have to go outside and feed my birdies and small critters.  It's cold out and they need the food to keep warm.  Gosh, they are so small, I just don't know how they manage to keep warm through the long cold winter. 

I'm off now to make a hot cup of Nescafe Mocca (thank you Kyra).  I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos.  Christmas is still in the air around here.  Till then, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

It shows Pogo had a great time and I am happy you had a good time too with him.
I guess Pogo never can have enough fuzzy and soft blankets, can he? LOL. Oh, he will get the trick of using the little stairs, I am sure.
I always am surprised by the speed Christmas passes We are loking forward to it rather long(and even already busy with it for months for the presents) . Pity that time cannot go a bit slower those days.
Now just a few days more left of the old year and then the New Year is knocking on the door
I will be "busy" today putting away the dishes,plates and such we used for our Christmas meat fondue, and also putting away the presents , perhaps go out for a moment, just for being outside(perhaps I can go to the drugstore for some of my medicins,)It looks rather good, some sunshine, not too much wind.
Then have to think about dinner today, should be smething simple and quick.
You have a wonderful day with Pogo. Enjoy all the presents..

The Queen Jester said...

Pogo looks very happy with his fuzzy blanket. I love the way he's adoring himself in the portrait! Looks like you had a good Christmas and here's wishing you the best new year ever. Our family has descended and I don't know if I'll have the quiet or mental clarity by new years eve to make that wish, so I'm sending it early.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
Oh I truly love the blanket that Pogo is in love with. What beautiful colors! Those stairs are really nice. Hmmm I might have to get some for Cisco and when not in use fold them down and slide under my bed. He was up and down more times that I can count last night and has stopped using the bin that was helping him up and down, but he does know how to use the stairs. What a great photos you managed to get for him. I am so happy that he had a great Christmas and the fun that you had with him. The portrait is just awesome!

I am hoping that your New Year will be as wonderful as your Christmas! I am determined to make 2017 the Best Of The Best this year. I am heading out for some more coffee and then it is medicine time. I hate taking it as it always makes me sleepy but that is ok. Maybe I will cuddle with Cisco if he can tear himself away from Nathan. I really can't complain as I had him beside me for some nice long cuddles during the night.
Have a wonderful Day... Love, Beth and Cisco