Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Early Bird Gets A Better Internet

March 9, 2016

Good morning.  It's not daylight yet.  I've been up for about an hour.  Methinks that the nap I took late yesterday afternoon wrecked my full night's sleep.  Not a problem.  Pogo and I are not on a time schedule here. 

The good part of getting up so early is that the internet service is a little better.  I did not have to wait so long for my emails to come up.  Last evening, I purchased a few new scrap kits, but I can't download them.  I'll have to wait until I get home where  the  internet is so much better. 

We didn't do very much yesterday.  I worked on my afghan, played Farm Heroes on my phone, and did a few Find A Word puzzles.  Housekeeping was here, and Pogo was busy keeping an eye on them.  He is a super little watch doggie.

Folks, if you've noticed that I've haven't been visiting many blogs and leaving comments these two weeks, it's because I don't have all my blog and email addresses on this little laptop.  As soon as I get home, I will catch up with all my blog reading.  Next year, I'll have to make sure that all my current addresses are on this laptop. 

Last evening, Pogo and I went outside to enjoy the fireworks display.  Every night, I take a lot of photos of the display in hopes of getting some good photos.  I don't have my tripod with me, and I'm hanging on to Pogo's stroller while I'm taking the photos.  However, a lot of the shots come out quite pleasant.

I love this last shot.  It reminds me of the "bombs bursting in air" from the Star Spangled Banner.  When I get home, I need to download a copy of the user manual for this camera.  (It took me a while to finally find one on-line)  Once I can figure out where some of the things on this camera are, I'll be able to take better photos with it.  I hope.

This morning Pogo and I are going to the flea market.  I need to pick up a couple things.  Somehow, I've lost my sweatshirt jacket that I wore down here, so maybe I can find another one today.  We'll see.  There's a 7Eleven store nearby, and if they'll let me bring Pogo in with me, I'll stop in and buy some bread.  If not, I'll do without.

Well that's my news for this morning.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B. 


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Are the Fireworks from Disney World? They always have an awesome show and it is every night. You are in a perfect spot. Con't be worrying about what you need to do when you get home. You should enjoy the solitude of being alone with Pogo. It doesn't happen often, at least not at my house.

I am just getting to the point of not falling asleep in my chair when I am watching TV at night. It took me a long time to get over the time zone flip where morning is night and night is morning. I didn't seem to have that problem when we went to Thailand. I felt like I hit the ground running ... of course we didn't stop for a minute so maybe it was a combination of being tired and flipping that slowed me down.

We are having 60 degree weather and now some intermittent rain ... just like spring, but it is only early March. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have had many migrating birds come through already ... sure hope they don't get caught in another winter blast before they make it to their destinations. Makes me a bit nervous for them.

Izzi is not doing well. The laser treatments make her leg sore and it is hard for her to jump up on the couch where her bed is. She doesn't want to walk with me, as you saw, but I need to walk her because she has to lose the poundage she gained while I was away. FH's idea of loving her is feeding her, ugh! Well, have to run to the store this morning and then take Jackie to an appointment this afternoon ... busy day. Have a nice relaxing day, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Unknown said...

Wow Edna, some beautiful and unusual firework photos! I love fireworks. I guess that part of the kid in me is finally coming out once more when I see them. I especially love the ringed fireworks, I have never seen those before. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy watching them. How does Pogo like them? I am sure that Cisco would not care for them at all.

I had to shut down my computer last night and unplug it because of the huge electrical thunderstorm that we were having. I put Cisco into his jacket at the first rumble of thunder but I am sad to say that it didn't help either of us for this particular storm. Usually he will calm down and just stay beside me and whimper but not last night. We were both shaking and endured more than 4 hours of back to back storms, thunder so hard that it shook the apartment building and the lightening was the cloud to ground strikes. The safest place in our apartment building is my walk in closet. I made a spot for all 4 of us in case the sirens went off to alert us to tornadoes. Finally the storm slowed down to just a normal thunderstorm with occasional thunder and lightening. We were finally able to get some sleep off and on.

When I turned on the computer this morning it was doing the automatic updates. Why it takes so long for my computer to come on is ridiculous. Over 2 1/2 hours. I went online to search out why it took so long and never found an answer but after reading some of the other reviews I guess that my wait time is a lot better than some. For some people the wait time varies between 13 and 24 hours. While the computer is doing this update it is impossible to use for anything. The screen is a gray blue and stays that way until it will install the latest updates. I do not like this at all. It has put me way behind on my pubs and pages due this morning.

We have so much happening in our life right now. To personal to put on here but if you can, please say a prayer in what ever your belief is for my little Grandson Alex and my son Matthew. I am so far away that I cannot help either of them at the moment but I have to say that I am a worried mom and grandmother at the moment.

Give Pogo our love and I hope that you can find another hoodie jacket. I have been using my shawl that Karyn got me for the few times that I need it and I just love it. Maybe you will come across it soon or perhaps it made it's way to your daughter's house or with Joe.

Rain is coming back in so I will close for now and unplug my pc... I hear we have several more major go rounds with this storm today.... Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

Those fireworks photos are fantastic! Lovely to be able to sit at the porch and watch them from "your backyard".
Isn't there, if needed, another store where you can buy some bread? Or perhaps at the flea market, do they also have a veggies and such market?
at our market, where i go quite often for my fruit and veggies, they have all kind of things. Lots of clothes, but also veggeis and fruit and fish and meat and bread and stands with kitchen stuff. Lots of things.
Or is there perhaps a little shop where you have your appartment?
Well, anyway, have a nice time at the fleamarket(oh, hope you will find your sweatshirt jacket).

Snowy said...

Great fireworks pictures ! My little camera is never able to capture them this well,lol. I think I have to invest in something a bit better soon. Have a nice and relaxing vacation. And a safe journey back. Hugs Snowy