Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Few Minor Problems - No Biggie!

March 3, 2016

Good morning.  (at least for another half hour)  I've been  busy all morning working on a quick page for you, and dealing with the maintenance crew here.  Because I can't do the stairs very well anymore, (because of my asthma and copd) I sleep on the sofa downstairs.  However, the sofa has been a torture chamber. 

It is  a sleeper sofa, and I guess the mattress inside is all worn out.  I don't open the bed out.  I just put my sheets on the sofa part and sleep on the sheets.  When you sit on the sofa or lie on it, you fall into a big hole.  Oh my, such a comfy way to sleep.  NOT!

This morning, the maintenance crew is putting a new mattress and frame into the sofa.  It's really quite interesting to watch them doing this.  They told me that sometime this year, all the sofas are being replaced.  They also fixed the garbage disposal because something was stuck in it from the last folks who were here.  

In between all this, I did work on making a quick page, and got it ready to be zipped and uploaded.  Oops!  Where has my Win Zip gone?  It is not on my little laptop anymore.  Ah well, not too worry.  I went on-line and downloaded  it again.  After it was installed, I went looking for it.  Hmmm, it was no where to be found.   So guess what?  I won't be posting any quick pages until after I get home.  Not to fear though.  I'll post extra's to make up for it.

I have a cute photo to share of Pogo on the flight down here.  He is inside his carry case.  Once we board the plane, Pogo settles in and goes to sleep until I lift him up for a drink and a snack,  then he goes back to sleep.  He's a wonderful little traveler.

Just before it was time for us to board the plane, I got a super surprise.  My nephew Kenny and his wife and two children were scheduled on the same flight.  They had come up North for his dad's (my brother in law Mel) funeral service, and were now on their way back home. 

I had no idea they would be travelling the same time as we were.  AND,  they would be sitting in the row in front of us on the plane!!!   Here's a photo I took of Kenny holding up his son, who was having a great time smiling away at us.  Isn't little Jack just absolutely adorable???

Today, Joe is at the pool (surprise!!), and Audrey is out on the porch working on a project on her laptop.  I will make us some lunch when I finish this post, and then I will head on out to the porch and work on my afghan.

The weather today is gorgeous, and I'm really loving being able to sit out on the screened porch until late in the evening.  It's the porch that I miss the most when I go back home.   Well, that's about all the news for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Lovely unexpected surprise on your flight!
Oh so good the sofa is being fixed, so that you hopefully can have a good sleep on it!!
That weather must do some little wonders for you. Fantastic that you can sit on the porch till the evening, doing whatever you want to do, all relaxed, with your ever loyal companion at your side (Pogo, of course)
Wishing you another great day.

The Queen Jester said...

I am so glad they fixed the sofa for you. I was going to suggest one of this high air mattresses if they didn't. What a nice surprise on the plan to find family and that cute little guy. You are fortunate that Pogo travels so well. I'm not sure how the cats would be...hopefully I'll never have to find out. Enjoy that screen porch while you can. That would be a nice addition to any future home we may find when we come off the road.