Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Living The Easy Life

March 2, 2016

Good morning.  What can I say?  It's another gorgeous day here. I love it!!  Pogo likes it too because he can run around naked and sun bathe.
Yesterday, we stayed in most of the day and just relaxed.  Joe was at the pool all day and got a bit of a sunburn.  All in all, it was a nice day. 
This morning I went to make us some breakfast, and the eggs were frozen (sort of).  I cracked one open and it had difficulty falling out of the shell.  It was a hard blob.  Down the garbage disposal it went!  We're having English muffins instead. 
Late yesterday afternoon, once it started to cool down a bit, Audrey, Pogo and I went for a little walk around here.  This gave us a chance to stretch our legs and maybe take some photos.  Pogo, of course, found everything to be super interesting.
A lot of the gorgeous hibiscus bushes have been cut way back, so there aren't as many of the beautiful hibiscus blossoms to photograph yet.  Hmmm, I never knew you were supposed to cut  these plants so far back.  I learn something new every day.  However, here were some azaleas in bloom, so I stopped to take a few photos of them.

I think today we'll go to one of the flea markets and walk around a bit.  Maybe we'll find some neat goodies.  I especially want to check out the venders there who sell fresh fruit and veggies.  Maybe I'll pick up a few oranges. 
Yesterday I put a few more rows on the Honeydew green afghan.  My goodness, it is looking really pretty.  I can't wait to see it finished.    I just hope I have enough room in my suitcase to pack the afghan in it.  Ah well, I'll figure it out.
I've decided that I don't like the shower stall here.  There is no bar on the wall to grab a hold of so that you don't slip.  Also, the shower head points at my face and the top of my head, making it difficult to wash the legs and feet.  I suppose this would be okay for a tall person, but I'm only five feet tall.
When we got here, we found that we had a new stove, a new refrigerator, a new coffee maker, a new toaster, and  few other new things.  Sad to say, we are not very impressed with any of these  things.  Makes me wonder about the person in charge of making purchases to update the units.  This person isn't very bright as far as I'm concerned. 
I would rather they replace the sofa every few years to keep it comfortable for sitting and sleeping on.  One year they replaced all the bathroom vanities.  The ones that they took out were really nice.  I just don't understand why people insist on fixing things that are not broken, when there are other more important things that need to be done. 
Ah well, this is nothing to lose sleep over.  That's really about all the news for today. I guess I'll get dressed and maybe head out to the flea market.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 
Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...


Pogo looks so happy! I see new scrap pages in his future!

Things here are super quiet. My son's fiancé and her brother departed around 5:00 am this morning for Wisconsin. They decided to get an apartment up there. Nathan is working out of town so it is just me and Cisco and Jonathan. He just left to go and get our fur baby some fur baby food. Cisco will be thrilled. He will also be happy to get our bed back for himself. We had a rough night. He insisted on laying on Barbara's head or mine for most of the night and pulling the covers off of us.

I bet the honey dew afghan will be beautiful. I guess if you don't have room in your suitcase for it you can mail it home to you. I have to wash my bedding today and do a few more chores. Jon and I can't decide on what to make for dinner. It is either chicken and dumplings or chicken and rice. Chicken something as that is what I have laid out and thawed.

We have some neighbors that look like they are moving out and I sure hope so. They are loud and obnoxious. The woman looks like she hasn't bathed in days! Speaking of which, I am sorry about your shower. I don't know why people make the changes that they do and it ends up worse than what it was, especially if nothing is wrong with it to begin with.

Ok well Cisco is demanding my attention so I will tend to him and start my laundry. Have a great day.... Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

So happy for you that you have great weather and in whole all is okay there.
May be you have there a little stool you can put into the shower to feel perhaps more secure?
Strange that some people always change the things that are still okay and forget about the things that really need to be changed? it will always be a puzzle.
Pogo seems to be enjoying himself to the full with all those interesting new smells and objects and all.
would be nice if you could go for a while to the flea market. It's good to have an outing and then you can have a fantastic rest in beautiful weather with perhaps a bit of crocheting. Sounds good to me.
Have a wonderful day.

The Queen Jester said...

Good to see you made the trip safely and are enjoying the Florida sunshine.