Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lots To Do Today

March 16, 2016

Good morning.  Today is cloudy, but warmer than yesterday.  Temps will get back up into the 50's today and the rain has stopped.  I'll be able to clean out the bird feeder and re-fill it with dry seed.  This will make my little birdies happy.  I'll put out some new peanut butter treats too, and some peanuts for the squirrels.

I've been up a while, but I had a few things to do before sitting down at my laptop.  My front door is open so that I can see when the fuel delivery truck gets here, and my favorite little guy is curled up next to me.  It's a good morning indeed.

You know, I never watch the voting news programs on TV that show us how many votes each contestant got in the different states.  But last night I did.  Mostly I watched to see how Missouri was doing.  Goodness, what a nail biter!!!  In the wee hours of the morning, the officials in that state decided to call it a night and stop counting.  At this point, both parties had virtual ties.  They would be getting back to the counting this morning.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out. 

This morning I got a lovely surprise in my email box.  My friend Beth has made a beautiful scrap layout using yesterday's quick page.  As you can see, she used a QP within a QP.  I love it Beth.  Thank you so much.

I did not get rid of very many dust bunnies yesterday, so I'll have another go at it today.  There's a mountain of catalogues and magazines to go through again, and another bag full of things needing to be shredded.  It looks like a very busy day coming up.

Yesterday, I ordered a new tall storage cabinet for my little kitchen.  It's ready for pickup and I'm hoping that the box will fit in my car.  I'll see if Joe will go with me later or tomorrow to pick it up.  My hands are busy coping with arthritis so I won't be able to do much lifting or carrying anything heavy. 

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  Oh wow, I'll have to make another QP for that too.  Hmmm, I'm going to very busy today right up until bedtime.  I think DIL Janet might be coming by after work today too.  I haven't a clue what we'll have for supper.  Yup, very busy.

Ah well, I do have another QP for you for today.  My little friend, Zlata, is down in the dumps about something, and her animal friends are trying to figure out how to cheer her up.

Here's your download link:

Now I think it's time for me to get busy.  Today is one of those "so much to do, so little time" days.  It's a good thing I'm retired.  (I have a lot more time to do a lot less!)  haha.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You must have rested up very nicely to have so much energy. I think my energy is being sapped by the heat and humidity.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

Oh my you do have a lot to occupy your time. I went to the doctor today and he said that the blood flow to my legs is excellent. I don't have to go back for 3 months and when I do go back he is going to do a CT scan to check my stents to make sure that they are doing well.

I came home and took a nap and I think that I will have an early night. I am just so tired all of the time. A lot is my meds make me that way and the other part is that I am addicted to my computer and time fly's. So I need to make a conscience decision to get off of it earlier! Hmmm yeah I know, that is probably not going to happen easily.

We barely got out of the 70's today. Yesterday was really hot and stifling. Cisco sends Greetings to Pogo! I send you both hugs and cuddles for Pogo. TTYL Beth

smiekeltje said...

A lot more time for doing less, hahahaha, that's a good one. I know the feeling!!
Looks to be really nice weather today, at least the sun is shining and it stays dry, temps about 8-10C.
I think I will try to do some dusting and vacuum cleaning today, something that needs to be done.
Not spending too much time at the computer lately, so don;t worry if you don;t see a comment on your posts every day the coming time okay?
Have a wonderful day