Sunday, March 13, 2016

Home At Last

March 13, 2016

Good morning.  Pogo and I are back home now  Oh my such a day we had yesterday.  It started off pretty good.  Our driver from the rental car company came to pick us up and got us to the airport on time.  We made it to our gate just fine to wait for our plane.

That's when the fun started.  After waiting for quite a while, I finally asked if they had changed the gate for our departure, or what.  I was then informed that my flight was delayed for approximately four hours.  Hmmm, I wonder why they did not send me an email earlier to inform me. 

I felt so bad for Pogo because it was going to be an extra long day for him with no chance to go potty.  I did take him to the ladies room and put down a pee pad in the handicap stall, but it was so noisy that he could not do anything. 

Of course, on the plus side, he charmed all the passengers waiting for planes, and those arriving on incoming flights at our gate.  He even had airport employees and flight attendants coming by to see the "adorable little dog at Gate 3."

Eventually, three hours later, we were able to board our plane and take off for Boston.  During the flight, Pogo lays down in his little carrier and takes a nap.  As soon as we got to Boston, I took Pogo out of his carrier (I only put him in it while we are on the plane), and he began charming everyone around us again.  During the whole trip, everyone commented on how well behaved my little Pogo was.  Of course, I beamed like any proud mama.

Deanne, Eddie and Jazzy came to pick us up.  Boy oh boy, was Pogo ever so glad to see his absolute favorite person (besides me).  He couldn't wait for Auntie Dee to pick him up and give him cuddles.  When we got to our house, the first thing Pogo did was to make a dash for a patch of grass.  Oooooh, that really felt good!!!

Today, I have a lot of unpacking to do.  For some reason, I cannot get my emails to come in, so I will have to spend a while trying to figure that out.   My computer guru, Wayne, has retired, so I am at a total loss when it comes to fixing things on my laptop. 

All my clocks are showing different times.  The one on the cable box is the only one with the correct time.  The kitchen clock only needs to be reset (I can change this one), but the batteries in the living room clock are struggling to stay alive, and I have no idea which time zone this clock is running on.  I cannot reach it, so I'll just ignore it until the next time SIL Eddie comes by.

Pogo has been missing his turkey treats this whole past week.  He will only take them from Joe, so this morning he went dashing out to the main house to find Joe.  Now that he has had his treats, Pogo is napping happily on his chair.

I have some photos to share this morning.  Here's a photo of Pogo resting on the sofa in Florida as he waits for me to finish typing a blog post.

And this is how I would start my morning - a cup of coffee, check the emails (if possible) and post on blog.  After that, my time was Pogo's.

There weren't as many beautiful blooms around this year because everything had been heavily pruned.  However, this one beautiful bush was even prettier this year than last year.  I don't know what it is called, but it is a show stopper.  This photo only shows one of the two gorgeous bushes.

Well, that's my news for this morning.  I have lots to do now.  My suitcase is sitting on the living room floor just waiting for me to unpack it.  Oh joy, oh joy.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Flying is not what is used to be. Seems ever time I fly, something goes wrong. Glad you had a good trip other than that.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

So very glad to hear that you and Pogo made it home safe and sound after such a very long day for the both of you. Waiting extra long for your plane was really not fun at all but so glad that Pogo was there to entertain! The world is such a better place when people can enjoy your fur baby as well. I would beam too!
One of my friends went on a day trip yesterday to South Carolina to a shop that has rescue animals. They go every year to the shop and to see their main fur baby Little Gulliver! She took pictures and had a wonderful time visiting him. We are so lucky to have these precious bundles to keep us company.

How lovely your photos of the bush that you posted. I loved it. I wish that they had planted some show stoppers here around the walking trail, but they only put out a lot of floral around the front office and gate. Our roses do not look very pretty right now. Maybe it was the odd warm weather that we had with the extra rain. Not sure but I do hope that they will replace what ever has died.

It is late here. It was 5:30am before I could fall asleep. Only then because I felt like something was biting me. I washed my bedding yesterday and used new fabric dryer sheets. I wonder if there was something in them that could have caused such havoc. Finally I just got up and took another shower, a Benadryl and went back to bed. Cisco decided it was then that it was play time! Little Stinker. Now of course I had to give him a treat to bribe him to lay back down. I think that it worked. I am not sure as I did drift off to sleep and woke up this afternoon with him laying next to me with his head between my pillow and his and kisses.

The weather here is finally gorgeous again after such terrible thunderstorms. It was gray and gloomy and steady rain after the heavy cells moved off. I love a good thunderstorm, but not the ones that we had this last time. Mama Nature was very upset about something! Cisco and I both were extremely upset over these. And those poor people in Louisiana. My ex husband was in touch with my son and he told us that he was stuck 14 hours in flood waters in his semi truck on the side of the road. How miserable that must have been.

So here is hoping that your Sunday is off to a great start even with the unpacking. Have a splendid day and keep warm! Hugs, Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Welcome home!
Fist have to give Eddie belated birthday wishes.
Great they did pick you up at the airport.
Only pity you had to wait sooo long before the plane could take off.
But okay, you arrived safely and well home again. that's important.
I think the lilac bush is a bourgainville.

What will you do if anything needs to be fixed on your computer and as Wayne has retired? You should find someone else who could do the job if necessary!

But first you take it easy to settle in at home again, then unpack your suitcase and such and then hopefully you will have rather nice weather here too.
Have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Hi Edna, Glad you and Pogo had a great holiday, the time always seems to fly when you are relaxing. The photo of that pretty plant is a tropical bougainvillaea, (Bow- gan villia). They also come in a gorgeous orange colour, and pink (almost a hot pink) white too I think, their only downfall is that some have vicious thorns. But they are very pretty and flowers for months on end. Hugs Elee.

Edna B said...

Thanks so much, Elee. I've put the name of the plant right on my photo so that hopefully I will remember it. It's a gorgeous plant. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.