Sunday, September 15, 2013

Studying The Clouds Can Be Very Interesting

September 15, 2013

Good morning.  My goodness, it's already the 15th of September.  This has been an awfully quick year so far for me.   I wouldn't mind because it means we are that much closer to next Spring, but it also means that one is a year older.  Now that part could slow down a bit.

I'm thinking that when one's birthday rolls around, (especially when one reaches a tender golden age)  that it might be a good time to send a card to all those family and friends that you love.  Include a letter that recaps your memorable moments throughout the year.  Some folks already do this with their Christmas cards.  Many years ago, I had a friend who sent these cards/letters but she has since passed on.  Hmmm, just food for thought.

For photos this morning, I have some that I took of the moon and the clouds on my way to work last night.   These were shot from my car - the moon through the side window, and the clouds through the windshield, whenever I had a chance to stop for a moment.  In the second and third photos, those are not far away hills that show up ahead, those are low lying dark grey clouds.

I find watching and photographing the clouds quite fascinating.   The Weather Channel had a program on a few days ago showing all the different shapes and types of clouds, and it was just awesome. 

I'm off tonight, so I'm hopefully going to be able to get a few things done around here before I croak.  I've already cleared a couple of large stacks of magazines and put in a load of laundry for Joe.  Earlier, Joe trimmed  my yellow rose tree, and then he mowed the grass on both sides of the house.

This morning on my way home from work, I stopped at Walgreen's and bought some of the new "Sleep Serenity" bedroom mist from Febreze.  I got the moonlit lavender and have high hopes that a few squirts of this when I get ready to sleep will send me right to dreamland.  If I wake up during the night, I'll just squirt some more of it and try to fall back to sleep. 

I have this beautiful champagne flute (a souvenir from Samuel Adams), and this morning I filled it with ginger ale.  Mmm, mmm.  Amazing how the soda tastes so much better when it is in a pretty glass.  It even makes one feel a bit glamorous.  (I told you it doesn't take much to make me happy!)

Now it's time to think about what's for lunch.  Every now and then Pogo walks over to the empty place where his food dish should be, and then he goes back to his little bed.  I think he's trying to give me a few gentle hints.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

Great idea on the cards. Snail mail is so rare these days it would be fun to receive real mail. The cooler weather is wonderful and inspiring.

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful that you had a day off. Gives you a chance to "get back on your feet"again LOL.
Yes, a soda or sparling apple of grape juice, is so much nices to drink from a glamorous glass. It really gives it another dimension, hahaha.
And how wonderful that we are able to feel happy with just a little thing?
I agree with Debby, that it is a pity there isn;t too much real mail in the mailbox. I remember I used to write quite a lot of letters and received back and it was always so exciting to find a letter and really sit down for it to read and have a couple of great moments.
Rmail just hasn;t the same feeling and experience.
Have to go on now, post on my blog, so bye bye till tomorow.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Monday Morning! I enjoy so much viewing your gorgeous photos...thanks so much for sharing them with us!
So glad you and Pogo are having some time off.
Love the photos of the clouds, I enjoy watching them too! Too bad we don't see them very often around here....LOL!
I did take some photos yesterday of my kitties and how they are growing, so will have to work on them and cut them down some to post on my blog....AFTER...I get my work done today!
I have been so lazy last couple of days...but then, I think I am entitled occasionally! LMBO!
Have a fantastic week ahead. Chat with you more later and thanks for the visit! Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

I am also a ginger ale lover! My doctor suggested drinking red wine at night to boost my HDL and I'm not a big fan of wine. However, adding just a splash of it in a glass with my can of ginger ale makes it really tasty. Now maybe I need to use one of my fancy glasses for this nighttime feast to make it more special.