Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Did It! I Finally Did It!!

January 15, 2010

Yes folks, I finally did it!! Yesterday I let me talk myself out of going to the gym. You know, the "tummy ache-cold out-don't feel like it" routine. But this morning I grabbed myself by the collar and dragged me right outside to my car and down to the gym.
To start with, I set the tread mill for 30 minutes, not realizing that it was pointing uphill. Well, I struggled through for 7 minutes and burned 30 calories. So much for the 30 minutes thingy. Then it was time to try out the bicycle machines. This time, I was more realistic. I set the bike for 15 minutes on Low Speed. I hung in there as best I could until the timer said five minutes and about 7 more calories. That's all she wrote for today!!!!

The bottom line here is that I wore myself out in only 12 minutes. To make things worse, I only burned about 37 calories. And to think I actually paid good money to endure this torture. Will I go back? Yes, I suppose I will. 37 calories burned twice a week is better than no calories burned at all. And at this rate, I should be able to drop maybe two or three pounds by next Fall. Oh joy!

Enough nonsense. Last night, I buckled down and finished my part for the February Daily Download at Magickal Scraps. Tonight, I will see about doing my part for March. I need to get everything through April finished before I leave for Florida. Want a sneak peek at what's coming in February?

Last year, the resort where I stay in Florida promised me that internet service would be available to me this year. That I would no longer have to sit way down by the dumpsters or go looking for a McDonald's in order to go on-line. Silly me, I believed them.
After a short phone call a few minutes ago with the manager of the resort, it now looks as though I will have to go over and sit in a room in the back of the office building if I want to use the internet. Stop laughing!!! This is not funny!!! Whatever happened to just being able to sit in my own unit or on my little porch and do my internet stuff from there? Gr-r-r-r!!!
Now for some happy stuff. I have a couple of critter photos to share today. There are so many different little birds that come to the feeder at work. And the marvelous thing is that they get along so well with each other. This is just two of them.
That's about it for today. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

Lol- I was laughing all the way through your post! I was sooo waiting for the Gym update ! Hey - it was only the first time, you'll get better in time-slowly -no point overdoing it either. Photos as always beautiful and the DD as well -Hugs Snowy