Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Kits Coming To My Store

July 30, 2009

Was this not one of the quickest Julys you've ever seen? Seems like it got here just last week, and now it's just about gone. Wow, 30 days just like that!!

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but sometimes when I get on a roll, be it housework or playwork, I forget to stop. I did accomplish a bit, though. I finished up my parts in all the upcoming Daily Download kits through December. Now I can focus on some new things for the store. I will be putting in my Dylan and Lilah kits. Snow Raven and I made coordinating kits that will be delightful for both little boys and little girls.

I also want to make more CU kits. When I first started dabbling in design, CU kits were my best friends. Actually, they still are. Some people are very talented when it comes to making design patterns, and I think it's wonderful that they pass the results of this gift on to the rest of us.

At the moment, it has gotten very gray outside, the skies are making rumbling noises, and the rain is coming down at a pretty good clip. Let's just hope it chases the muggies away. One can almost tolerate the hot weather with a little fan to keep the breezes coming, but the muggies are something else. Sticky and yucky!

Today, I will post previews of my "Dylan" and "Lilah" kits. Then I will see about making you a sampler for tomorrow. Till then, y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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suruha said...

Hey, Lady! LOL You are going to town on your designing! I took a long look through your blog the other day, looking for a photo of Tootsie. I didn't know you had done so much. You have quite the style, too. Way to go, Edna! Good for you!

I just stopped by to tell you thank you for being a friend. I sure appreciate everything. I really do hope we get to meet one day. ;)

A hug for you!