Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthdays And Chocolate

July 14, 2009

Today is a big day for one of the dwarfs. It's his birthday, and Uncle Moo baked him a cake, complete with candles. Well, actually, it was a cupcake with one musical candle that did not play music. Happy Birthday Erik.

For some reason, I am very tired today. I got over-tired yesterday and could not sleep at all last night. Today, I just cannot get going. So my post will be short.

I thought I would tell you about the fantastic chocolate that we all got in the mail not too long ago from our friend, Snow Raven. We were all excited when the box arrived, because we knew there was all this wonderful chocolate in it. I got the box open, and lifted out the three rather lifeless bags that conformed to the shape of my hand as soon as I picked them up. Were they just a little bit melted? Yup Yup.

What now? Well I put the bags of chocolate in the refrigerator to harden up a bit before we could actually eat any of it. The next day, I shared them with Moo and Erik. That night Tootsie and I turned in early to have our snacks and watch TV. And, of course, I grabbed my little bag of chocolate.

First let me tell you that the chocolate was indescribably delicious. Even though I had to peel the bag away from it and look for thin sections of it to bite off. It was still a bit soft in a few places, but I was determined to enjoy it. After a few small bites, I needed to put the bag of chocolate away, and wash my face, my hands, my arms, my nightie, my chest - all the way down inside my nightie, and change my pillow case. Yup! That was mighty fine chocolate!! Just a bit messy to eat. Thank you my friend for the delicious treat.
Now, I am going to sign off and go back to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. Y'all have a wonderful evening.

Hugs, Edna B.

Here's a beautiful wet rose to share with you. Enjoy.


Snowy said...

Edna, Edna-you've done it again !! I'm sitting here at my desk with stomach ache and tears in my eyes from laughing so much ! You messy pup- I can see you in my mind getting all covered in chocolate, the way you describe it ! That will teach me to send stuff that can melt in summer- it might be safe to send chocolates in winter when they can't melt so fast,lol. Nice to hear Erik had a little Birthday cupcake,lol. He can tell me all about it tonight, when he comes on to chat. Time for me to get ready now- back to work today.
Catch you later-Hugs Snowy

Nani said...

It still sounds like a heavenly trt5eat and memorably fun in an inner child sort of bliss!

Ouyr custom M&Ms for the weddinbg reception came in the mail, UOS I think. The box was bright and big ofr 6 bags of M&MS! In it, surrounded by bubble wrap was a soft plastic cooler lining. Inside the lining was the M&Ms nwith an ice pack. The lining was enough to keep the ice pack frozen for the trip. I was amazed. M&Ms-Mars definitely has the science of transporting chocolate down!

Of course now, I have some of the favors that I want to send to people who couldn't make it and I'm not so sure how to send those! Maybe a toaster oven sized box for 3/4 ounce of candy??

Maybe Snowraven has the right idea and I'll freeze them to send in time for our anniversary in December! :)